Marcos family ‘very grateful’ for second chance, mom Imelda became energetic, lively again

    MANILA, Philippines – Senator Imee Marcos, sister of newly-proclaimed president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. shared their family’s reaction to his brother’s victory.

    Imee Marcos said they’re family have been oppressed and mocked for over 40 years
    Imee Marcos said they’re family have been oppressed and mocked for over 40 years | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Imee Marcos

    Bongbong has been proclaimed the winner of the 2022 presidential elections. Following his win, Imee couldn’t help but be grateful for what she calls their family’s “second chance.” She added that their family has been oppressed and mocked for a long time. She said they’ve been through a lot of challenges for the past forty years.

    “Yes we’re very, very grateful for a second chance as it were, dahil medyo mabigat ang pinagdaanan ng aming pamilya, talagang matapos ‘yong 1986 kung ano-anong kaso ang hinarap namin bukod pa do’n sa pangungutya at pang-aapi, sabihin na natin, eh medyo hirap talaga ‘yong pamilya namin for the past almost four decades,” Imee said.

    “So nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng nagtiwala sa amin, mula sa mga loyalista, mga Ilokano, lahat ng naniniwala na kinakailangan ng ating bansa ay talagang matibay na pamumuno,” she added.

    The senator also described how her mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos was excited over the Bongbong's victory.

    “Siyempre ‘yung nanay ko sobrang excited. Tuwang-tuwa siya sa mga pangyayari,” she said.

    Imee stated that her mother appears to have lost all of her ailments and now feels like she is 29 years old rather than 92 years old.

    “She’s suddenly able to hear, to walk, lahat ng sakit-sakit noong panahon ng COVID-19. Lahat ng nararamdaman biglang nawala. Maliksing-maliksi. Parang hindi na siya uli 92, kundi 29,” she said.

    Asked what her role will be now that her brother is the president, Imee said she will remain to be “big sister” in the Senate. She also reiterated the importance of keeping a harmonious relationship between the Senate and Congress.

    “Sapat na siguro maging super Ate sa Senado, okay na ‘yon, malaking bagay na ‘yon, at marami nang trabaho ‘yon […] well I think it’s very, very useful for those in the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch to work hand-in-hand, ideally,” Imee Marcos said.

    “We have a more harmonious relationship, I think it’s not a secret that President Duterte has experienced (this),” she added.

    Meanwhile, Bongbong asked for prayers and support, adding that he hopes to do well.

    “Pray for me. Wish me well. Beyond that, I promise you that we may not be perfect but we will always strive to perfection. Thank you very much,” he said.

    “I am inspired by this responsibility that has been given me… Ask you all, pray for me, wish me well. I want to do well because when a president does well, the country does well. And I want to do well for this country,” he added.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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