Aspiring teacher finally passes LET after 28 tries

    MANILA, Philippines – Teacher Lino Tamor Adrales is one proof that inspirational stories matter. The teacher was inspired by the story of an Aeta teacher who passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) after 25 tries.

    Lino Tamor Adrales finally passes LET
    Lino Tamor Adrales finally passes Licensure Examination for Teachers after 28 tries | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Lino Adrales

    Back in 2019, the story of Teacher Gennie Panguelo went viral. She's an Aeta teacher who took the LET 25 times before passing it.

    Teacher Lino was one of those who got inspired with Teacher Gennie's story. Lino's determination to pass the LET was fueled by the inspiration he got from the viral Aeta teacher. Even though he failed many times, the teacher didn't give up until he finally passed the LET after 28 tries.

    On Facebook, Teacher Lino shared his inspiring journey towards achieving his goal of becoming a licensed teacher.

    He recalled the experience of listening to the story of Teacher Gennie, "She inspired me a lot at that time. Sabi ko kailangan maipasa kona tong exam Kasi kakahiya that was my 23 times Sana kung naipasa ko."

    Unfortunately, Teacher Lino failed again for the 23rd time. He hoped and prayed that his time would come soon.

    He said, "Pero wala bagsak pa din. Lagi ko naisip na balang araw naipasa ko sya katulad n madame Aeta tuloy tuloy lang ako sa kaeexam. Ang point ko pag oras muna oras muna."

    When Teacher Lino finally passed the January 2022 LET, he offered his success to God.

    He wrote, "This is not my success, this was a gift given by God."

    25 times vs 28 times. Share ko lang way back on 2016 when I took my review in CBRC kaloocan it was our final coaching...

    Posted by Lee Onil Romat Selarda on Sunday, March 13, 2022

    When Teacher Lino's story became viral, he hoped that more people would also get inspired. He encouraged those who feel disheartened for failing to try again.

    He reminded them the end of their journey is only when they decide to quit.

    He said in jest, "Ako'y naniniwala pa rin sa kasabihan na 'sa hinabahaba ng prosisyon ay simbahan parin ang tuloy.' Mapapasaan at mapapagud din si PRC sa mukha natin kaya mapapasa tayo."

    "To quit is not our option. Keep dreaming, keep fighting," he added.

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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    1. Just place our faith to God. Everything happen for a reason. In God's perfect timing He will grant our prayers.


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