WATCH: Online seller finds out she passed LET while live selling

MANILA, Philippines – A woman was left in tears when she found out she passed the January 2022 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). But the moment became extra special when she did it while still live selling.

Jerlyn Esteves couldn’t believe she finally passed the LET that she wasn’t able to hide her happiness from her customers. The online seller admitted she wasn’t able to review thoroughly because she was busy with her online business. She said she lifted everything to God, and she wasn’t disappointed.

Jerlyn Esteves found out she passed the LET while online selling
Jerlyn Esteves found out she passed the LET while online selling | Screengrab: Jerlyn Esteves/Facebook

“Walang review-review dahil super busy sa small business. Pinaubaya ko kay God ang 'pag exam ko," she recalled.

During Jerlyn’s live selling of socks, she was busy reading the comments of her customers. When one congratulated her for being a licensed professional teacher, she initially didn’t believe it.

She can be heard in the video saying, “LPT? Wara akong review-review. Hoi, ayaw sa na. Grabe, ipang-check mo ng sa ano.” [LPT? I didn’t review. Don’t say that. Let’s check].

Jerlyn went on to say that she’s starting to get nervous as her companions check the LET results. When she finally confirmed that it was true that she passed, she became emotional and cried. Jerlyn’s companions celebrated with her while still online.

But even with the good news, Jerlyn went on and continued with her live selling. She said she couldn’t wait to check her final rating once she’s done.

This was actually Jerlyn’s second time taking the LET. She took and failed the 2019 LET and became busy with other things, including online selling.

She went through a lot of challenges that almost made her give up her dream of becoming a licensed teacher. In 2020, her husband got sick and they were left with no savings. They also had to close their business for 11 months.

Finally, her second chance at LET was her lucky charm as she finally passed.

Like any LET passer who already failed before, Jerlyn said she passed because it was the right time for her.

"Kahit sobrang preparado ka sa exam, kung hindi pa para sa 'yo, 'di pa ibibigay. Pero kung time mo na talaga, kahit 'di mo alam ang sinagot mo doon, pagdating kay Lord, pasado ka," she said.

You can watch Jerlyn’s reaction starting at 30:00 of her live selling via her Facebook page:

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Posted by Jerelyn Esteves on Friday, March 11, 2022

— Sally, The Summit Express

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