Is this the real reason behind Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz issue?

MANILA, Philippines – Ogie Diaz has aired some alleged revelations on the issue between Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz.

Days have passed but many are still intrigued over the alleged quarrel among the two girls of the “Gold Squad”. This time, Ogie joined in and revealed some “insider news” on the issue. According to the entertainment host and talent manager, the brewing dispute between Andrea and Francine is not new. Ogie said that as per some of his sources, Andrea even confronted Francine last December during ABS-CBN’s Christmas Special.

Is this the real reason behind Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz issue?
Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz of ABS-CBN's "Gold Squad".

Andrea allegedly rushed into the dressing room of Francine to confront her about a photo of her and Seth Fedelin. The Gold Squad’s love team pairs Andrea with Seth while Francine is supposed to be with Kyle Echarri.

“Oo, dahil nakita niya na nagpa-picture itong si Seth. Di ba may SethDrea, na parang ginu-groom ng ABS-CBN na lumaking love team, wala pa ‘yung FranSeth,” Ogie said.

The reason was that Andrea wanted to protect the SethDea love team and the photo might confuse the fans, Ogie explained.

“Kasi nga si Kyle at Francine ‘yung ine-establish. Eh ngayon ang nakarating sa amin, hiniritan ng glam team nitong si Francine si Seth na jumoin sa kanila sa picture taking. Tapos ayun nga, eh parang ikinagalit ito ni Blythe, ni Andrea. Kaya totoo ba ito? Nagkaroon ng suguran sa dressing room?” he added.

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The showbiz vlogger continued that because of the confrontation, Seth allegedly felt “off” or disappointed towards Andrea’s attitude. This led to Seth visiting Francine in her home to apologize for the incident. During the visit, Seth posed with Francine and her family for photos. These were the photos that went recently viral and set off a tussle between their fans.

Mama Loi, Ogie’s co-host in the vlog, tried to prod if Andrea is in a relationship with Seth for her to react that way. Ogie answered that according to his source, Andrea and Seth were in a relationship for more than two years but eventually split. The alleged relationship began when the two were working on “Kadenang Ginto”. After the couple has broken up, Andrea has been keen on making sure their love team would still work.

In the end, Ogie clarified that all these are just information given to him by sources. He said it is up to the public whether or not to believe his claims. Andrea is also very much welcome to comment on his statements.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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