Pharmacist TikToker gives free medicine to elderly couple, raises funds to help more

    MANILA, Philippines –
    Popular TikToker Arshie Larga has a fundraising drive to help those in need amid the pandemic.

    Arshie, known on TikTok as Arshielife, is earning praises online for lending a helping hand to those who are sick. In times when many are sick, purchasing medicines is really a burden to those who barely have enough money. What started as a random act of kindness to an elderly couple is now a fundraising drive.

    Popular TikToker Arshie Larga fundraising drive
    Arshie Larga and his followers have raised over P145,000 in funds for charity | Photo Courtesy: Tiktok/ Arshielife

    This came after an elderly couple tried to buy medicines at the pharmacy owned by Arshie's family. The registered pharmacist who mans the store couldn't help but show kindness after the old man's money wasn't enough for all the medicines he needed. Arshie surprised the old man by giving the medicines away for free.

    Arshie's generosity has moved many of his followers who decided to send him money so he could help more. According to Arshie, he didn't have any intention of starting a fund drive but soon realized how much it would help many people in need.

    The popular TikToker shares screenshots of his GCash and PayPal account for transparency. He also assured all the donors that the fund will be used responsibly for those who need it the most. He admitted he couldn't believe how many people were willing to give. It only shows that there are still many kind and generous people.

    Arshie wrote, "Grabe yung feedback ng mga tao. I’m overwhelmed. Maraming salamat po."

    As of January 15, Arshie and his supporters already raised over P145,000 both under his GCash and PayPal accounts. He promised that every cent will go to the right people and will not be put to waste. According to Arshie, the amount can already purchase a lot of medicine for those who need them but cannot afford them. He is also looking at launching a medical mission.

    "I assure you po na hindi ito mababaliwala at masasayang. Di ko rin po ito gagamitin para sa sarili ko," Arshie assured.

    Arshie earned a huge following on TikTok for his tips and educational videos related to medicines, health, nutrition and COVID-19. He currently has 2.5 million followers on TikTok and 121,000 on Twitter.

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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