Miss Universe 2021: Closer look at Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s 'Bakunawa' national costume

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez looked like a goddess of the Golden Lunar Dragon during the national costume competition of the 70th Miss Universe preliminaries.
Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s 'Bakunawa' national costume

Bea was enchanting as she donned a costume that represented the "Bakunawa," a Philippine mythical creature that refers to the moon-eating dragon. During her walk, her costume was described as a representation of Bea's personal transformation as well.

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The stunning intricately-made costume was designed by Axel Que. Manny Halasan made the majestic headpiece while Jan Montalban made the shoes.

In an earlier interview with Axel, he said he used more bright colors with more distinct details. He also made sure that the workmanship is "very intricate to properly tell the story of a creature’s evolution."

Bea Luigi Gomez channels the moon-eating dragon "Bakunawa" in the national costume competition of the Miss Universe | Screengrab: Miss Universe via Lazada app
When asked about his experience of making the design, Axel said he wanted it to be "something out of a dream, something with an ethereal aura."

Manny Halasan named his headpiece creation "Luna." He said the headpiece represented the different phases of the moon. As the Bakunawa is believed to be a moon-eating dragon, the headpiece showcased the lunar transitions.

He wrote on Facebook, "The beautiful transitions and different faces of the moon are captured in this folklore-inspired headpiece. The charismatic hand accessories complementing the masterfully curated and vivid imagination brought-to-life National Costume of the rich story of the goddess, Bakunawa."

The coronation night will be on Sunday, December 12, 2021 (December 13 Philippine time).

Here's a closer look at the Bakunawa national costume:

Bakunawa Final Form: The Golden Lunar Dragon

In Bea’s national competition, she wore a Bakunawa dragon costume depicted in its mid-life cycle. In Philippine mythology, the Bakunawa is a serpent-like dragon that’s believed to cause eclipses. It is said to swallow the moon. It’s also part of the shamanistic rituals of the babaylans or Filipino shamans. She continues this narrative by taking it the Bakunawa in its final form: The Golden Lunar Dragon. This is a metaphor for Bea’s growth and personal evolution. The costume is done in gold as it is considered to be the perfect element and acts much like an enchanted armor. The Bakunawa appears in Philippine literature, arts, pop culture, and even children’s games. The Bakunawa costume is made by Axel Que while the intricate, handcrafted metal headdress depicting the moon and accessories were done by Manny Halasan. Vote for Bea's National Costume in the Miss Universe app now! #MissUniversePhilippines2021 #MissUniverse #PhenomenalWoman #InspireYou #BeatriceLuigiGomez #BeatriceGomez

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