PBB: Netizens call to ‘force evict’ TJ Valderrama on alleged inappropriate behavior

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens couldn't help but air their frustration on social media as they accused housemate TJ Valderrama of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment against Shanaia Gomez on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB): Kumunity Season 10 celebrity edition.

"FORCE EVICT TJ" and "PROTECT SHANAIA GOMEZ" became top trending topics on Saturday, November 20, after videos of TJ allegedly touching Shanaia inappropriately spread like wildfire online. Many viewers of PBB shared photos and videos from the show's livestream where TJ's hands held or touched the younger housemate. Netizens said it wasn't even an isolated incident as this has been happening quite often already on the show. They described it as "disturbing, alarming and malicious."

Many urged the show to stop the alleged inappropriate actions of TJ by granting him a punishment of forced eviction from the house. Many viewers of PBB even recalled how previous housemates who were too "touchy" on the show faced consequences. They said TJ's actions were more severe and needed harsher punishment.

Dubbed “Ang Laughter Lodi ng Manila," TJ is a stand-up comedian before entering the PBB house.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page that claims to be the official account of TJ has defended him against the accusations. It said that people are so quick to judge when they don't know TJ personally.

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It stated, "To all those people who bash too much to the point na hindi na talaga makatao yung ibinabatong words/below the belt, hindi niyo kilala nang lubos yung tao. Please be mindful sa words na gagamitin niyo, it can hurt Kuya TJ’s feelings lalong lalo na his loved ones."

UPDATE: PBB housemates speak up on TJ Valderrama's ‘harassment’ issue

In an episode on Monday, PBB said they will not tolerate any form of harassment. The show added that housemates confessed there was no incident of inappropriate behavior inside the house. "Ang harassment ay isang bagay na hindi palalagpasin ni Kuya kailanman lalo na't kung ito ay may patunay. Mismong mga housemates na ang nagsabi na walang anumang nagaganap na ganito sa loob ng bahay."

— Sally, The Summit Express


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  1. He is an idiot and judgemental person when we attended a wedding party in Paranaque. He insulted the Chinese guests that they are Wuhan Virus carriers. That was before the Covid Virus Outbreak in the Philippines. He should learn his lessons. To respect women and other races.

  2. That is very sad if they tolerate the issue. This is on TV and will hunt her forever because she cant do anything about it. Sad reality for girls.

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