Cancer patient achieves dream of being a topnotcher in Forester board exam

MANILA, Philippines – A thyroid cancer patient landed among the topnotchers of the recent Forester Licensure Examination.

Keano Reeves Collado lands top 10 in Forester Licensure Examination
Keano Reeves Collado lands top 10 in Forester Licensure Examination despite battling thyroid cancer| Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Keano Collado

From a fighter to a topnotcher, Keano Reeves Collado proves that not even cancer can stop him achieving his dreams. Despite battling thyroid cancer, Collado still landed Top 10 in the October 2021 Forester Licensure Examination (FLE).

Collado finished his Bachelor of Science in Forestry at the Caraga State University just this August. After earning his degree, he still had one more hurdle to overcome- the Forester Board Exam. Collado admitted he prayed so hard that he would pass the licensure exam. His prayer was not just answered but exceeded his expectations when he got in the board exam's top scorers.

In a Facebook post, Collado revealed that he has been battling stage 2 thyroid cancer for four years now. He recalled how he went through a 13-hour surgery just five days after he was diagnosed. Due to the operation, he was unable to speak as the tumor affected his vocal cords.

But due to his persistence and faith, Collado eventually was able to speak. This paved the way for him to continue pursuing his dream of being a professional forester.

While his parents wanted him to focus on his recovery, Collado said he was determined to take the board exam this year. Collado also promised his parents he will be among the topnotchers. He explained that he will not just settle but dream of being among the top despite being sick.

The cancer patient wrote, "Everyday, I would always talk to God and ask him to give me enough strength. Every morning, I would thank Him for waking me up and giving me another day to enjoy life. I even told God, 'Lord, this coming Board Exam, I will only accept Top Notcher.'"

Collado went on to share how his parents, family and friends didn't fail in showing their support to him. He said that he survived because they were always there for him during difficult times.

"I've been through so many struggles. Until now, I still can't imagine how I was able to survive those setbacks. But one thing is for sure, I have survived my struggles because I have the best support system," he wrote.

In the end, the topnotcher said he shared his story to serve as an inspiration to many. He wants others to realize that there will always be hope even during tough times. Collado also reminded everyone that God is always there for us if we hold on to Him.

"I want to share my story not because I want to brag this achievement. I'm sharing this because I want to inspire people and I want everyone to know that even in your darkest times, there will always be a light of hope. No matter how dim the light is, hold on to it because someone up there will intensify that light," Collado encouraged others.

"Just because I am sick, it does not mean I am incapable." I would always remind myself with this line. When I was...

Posted by Keano Reeves Collado on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

— Sally, The Summit Express

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