Filipino gamer earns up to P15k monthly by streaming his sleep

MANILA, Philippines – A 19-year-old Filipino gamer is earning up to P15,000 a month from his “dream job”.

Euan Garcera of ETS Gaming is getting money from people who are sending him “Facebook stars” while he streams his sleep on Facebook. These stars are not the usual ones you see in your dreams as one hundred stars are equivalent to $1. The streamer receives a payout at the end of a period depending on how many stars he or she receives.

Filipino gamer earns up to P15k monthly by streaming his sleep

“When I started sleeping, I began to earn $120 to $300 per month,” Garcera told Esquire Philippines.

According to Garcera, he resorted to streaming after the pandemic affected his parents’ jobs. Wanting to make ends meet, Garcera initially tried his luck on game streaming, which is already popular in the Philippines.

However, the heavy competition in the niche made it hard for Garcera to penetrate the gaming community. In fact, he only earned P3,000 for streaming his gameplays for more than a year.

“For over a year, all I’ve earned from streaming my gameplays was $60. But when I started sleep streaming, I gained more followers and they sent more stars,” he added.

So how did Garcera literally turned his dreams into reality (pun intended)?

When Garcera was just starting in 2020, he only used his cellphone and television since he didn’t own a laptop or PC, which were often used in streaming. Garcera would focus his camera on the screen and stream his gaming content on Facebook.

Realizing that Garcera needed support, his uncle living in the US decided to send him money to buy a PC so he could further improve his content.

Eventually, Garcera found his place in sleep streaming. Usually he would play Fortnite or Valorant in the early evening then would start sleep streaming at around 10pm or 12 midnight almost every night.

“Noong una po sabi ko try ko lang kasi wala naman masyadong nanood sa akin. Then paggising ko po may mga nag-send ng ‘stars,'" he said.

Sleep streaming rose to popularity in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sleep streamer “Asian Andy” pocketed a whopping P807,000 in just one night of sleep streaming.

— Mini, The Summit Express

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