Belo apologizes for ‘insensitive, body shaming’ viral ad

MANILA, Philippines – The Belo Medical Group apologized over their recent advertisement that has been criticized for being “insensitive and encourages body shaming.”

On Wednesday, Belo trended over its advertisement that allegedly showed the effects of pandemic to women. The video, which has already been taken down after drawing flak, shows how a woman went through physical changes while on lockdown. The woman was sitting on a couch while listening to the daily news as she grew facial hair, gained weight and had overgrown hair on her armpits and legs.

Belo ad viral

On social media, many accused the beauty company of shaming women for their appearance as we all go through the effects of lockdown. Many said that while it may be true that many are going through challenges including mental health struggles and insecurities amid the pandemic, it was wrong to exploit it to promote their beauty clinic.

A netizen tweeted, "Let’s talk about what’s wrong with the Belo ad. It’s not the pandemic, Dra. It’s society’s beauty standards and the way capitalists ride on it to exploit our insecurities. It’s the way you make it look like our fatness is a disease and your clinic can cure it away."

Another explained that no one wanted to gain weight or have acne while on lockdown but these things happen and the Belo ad seems to shame women for not conforming to the beauty standards.

Due to the uproar, the Belo Medical Group issued a statement of apology. They thanked those who shared their sentiments and feedback on their ad and assured that they hear and understand them. They also confirmed that the ad has been taken down. The clinic also assured that this has been a lesson for them to do better next time.

"We apologize about our recent Pandemic Effect film. Thank you for being gracious in letting us know your thoughts about it."

"We hear you. You helped us see what we failed to see, which is that the film is insensitive and upsetting. Because of this, we have taken the ad down. We commit ourselves to learning from this and to bring our learnings into the future."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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