Corporal who died in C-130 crash gave wife premonition in last video call

MANILA, Philippines – The wife of a corporal officer who perished in the C-130 plane crash in Sulu revealed that her husband gave a premonition in his last video call.

Corporal Carlo Dapanas Jr. says goodbye to his wife Mabel
Corporal Carlo Dapanas Jr. says goodbye to his wife Mabel in their last video call | Photo Courtesy: Mabel Dapanas

Corporal Carlo Dapanas, Jr. was one of the fallen heroes in the unfortunate plane crash that took the lives of 53 soldiers, personnel and civilians. But before he boarded the C-130 aircraft that led to his untimely death, his wife Mabel Dapanas recalled how he called her to leave promises of comfort and love. Mabel believes her husband's messages were a premonition of his passing.


In their last video call, Mabel remembered how Carlo repeatedly told her how much he loves her. She said, "Sabi niya mag-ingat diyan sa bahay, mahal daw niya ako. Hindi niya raw ako kalimutan at tsaka 'yong anak namin. Sign na talaga niya na parang may mangyari sa kanila. Hindi niya matiis na hindi niya ako ma-contact, ma-video call."

Carlo also told Mabel prior to their flight that their aircraft was having problems. "Ang sabi niya 'yong sinakyan na C-130 na airplane may ano raw may problem daw sabi ng asawa ko," she said.

When their video call was cut abruptly, Mabel could no longer contact Carlo again. She began having a gut feeling that something bad might happen.

When reports broke out that the C-130 plane Carlo was riding crashed in Sulu, Mabel was devastated. She called their plans and promises that will no longer come true.

"Bago siya pumunta ng Sulu, sabi niya magpundar daw siya ng bahay at tsaka ng business sabi niya sa akin para sa kaniyang anak," Mabel recalled.

Earlier, the father of 1st Lieutenant Sheen Alexandria Tato, who also perished in the crash shared how they couldn't come to terms with the horrific accident.

The C-130 military transport plane was on its way to Sulu to deploy new privates of the Philippine Army. The aircraft was carrying 96 passengers and crew before it crashed.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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