Converge ICT partners with Shopee for easier access to internet plans

MANILA, Philippines – As digital selling continues to thrive in this pandemic, we are seeing more and more brands utilizing e-commerce platforms like Shopee. Businesses have turned to these avenues for wider reach and to engage with their existing and prospective customers. These e-commerce platforms have become so popular nowadays that people are always anticipating their promotional campaigns periodically, such as holiday or year-end campaigns.

Converge ICT, Shopee partner for easier access to internet plans

Converge ICT, the country’s fastest growing pure fiber internet service provider, has joined the bandwagon and has partnered with Shopee to provide convenience and premium online shopping experience for its customers. The company believes that Shopee’s strengthened digital ecosystem will help Converge to grow the business in the e-commerce landscape and boost exposure on a larger scale.

“Partnering with Shopee, one of the leading marketplace e-commerce platforms, gives Converge the opportunity to be available wherever our existing and prospective customers are. It allows us to serve our customers better by providing a seamless digital shopping experience and a range of digital payment options they can choose from. With just a tap of a finger, our customers can avail of internet plans fit for their daily needs,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero.

“Shopee has always been committed to building an inclusive ecosystem that makes buying and selling accessible to all. We are thrilled to have Converge onboard our platform as we share the same vision to provide users a seamless and safe shopping experience through the transformative power of technology,” said Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines.

Shopee customers, within the serviceable areas, can avail of Xpress Passes, Converge ICT’s Digital Vouchers for only P99 for guaranteed perks like priority handling of a Converge Representative and installation schedule within 3-5 days.

Aside from the Xpress Pass, customer can enjoy pure fiber speed of up to 400 Mbps with FiberX Residential Plans 1500 (35Mbps), 2500 (100Mbps), 3500 (200Mbps), and its recently launched internet plans called FiberX Time of Day, which give double the speed without doubling the price.

With the formal announcement of this partnership, Converge will hold an exclusive discount on Shopee 7.7 Mid-Year Sale. Shopee customers will surely enjoy 77% discounts on all Xpress Pass Vouchers and a Free Speed Upgrade of up to 800Mbps for 1-month, available only through the Shopee app.

— The Summit Express

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