Tony Labrusca faces charges for acts of lasciviousness, physical injuries

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Tony Labrusca has been charged with acts of lasciviousness and slight physical injuries on Friday, June 4.

Actor Tony Labrusca now facing two charges
Actor Tony Labrusca now facing two charges. Photo from Instagram/tony.labrusca

The Kapamilya actor has to face two (2) counts of aggravated acts of lasciviousness and aggravated slight physical injuries filed by a woman before the City Prosecutor in Makati City.

The complainant is a friend of businessman Drake Dustin Ibay. According to the woman, she was "molested" by Labrusca twice. She revealed how Labrusca intentionally "unstrapping" her spaghetti straps that led to her br*asts being exposed. She also accused Labrusca of pulling her from the waist to forcibly make her sit on the actor's lap. Ibay will stand as witness to the complaints.

Aside from the molestation complaints, Labrusca is also facing a criminal complaint for aggravated physical injuries. The complaint was filed by Ibay's brother after Labrusca allegedly "aggressively" choked him when he tried to help the drunk actor go down a flight of stairs.

Charges were filed against Tony Labrusca
Charges were filed against Tony Labrusca at the City Prosecutor in Makati | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/MJ Felipe

Both incidents happened last January 16, 2021. According to the complainants' legal counsel Atty Regie Tongol, the incidents were "very traumatic as it is the very first time to be victimized like this, especially unexpected from one of the most idolized actors of the country presently."

Meanwhile, Labrusca's legal Atty Joji Alonso issued a statement that they have already been informed of the charges. Their camp said the alleged incidents happened five months ago and they welcome the legal proceedings.

"We have just been informed that complaints of alleged acts of lasciviousness and slight physical injuries have been filed against our client, Mr. Tony Labrusca. Said acts allegedly occurred some five (5) months ago."

"As we have not yet been in receipt of copies of the Complaint-Affidavits, we could not give a judicious response nor comment on the matter."

The actor's camp also urged the public to be wary in making quick judgements and let the investigation speak for the actor.

"We call the public to be mindful of casting judgment based on mere allegations and unfounded claims."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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