Who among the Aquinos took PNoy’s death the worst? Jiggy Aquino-Cruz answers

    MANILA, Philippines – As the whole nation grieves the sudden passing of the late President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III, Jiggy Aquino-Cruz, the former’s nephew, revealed how the family struggles to cope with the loss of his uncle.

    In his interview with ABS-CBN News, Jiggy, the eldest son of Ballsy Cruz-Aquino, revealed that the Aquino family was shocked with the unexpected death of the 61-year-old former head of state. Aquino, the country’s 15th President and the only son of democratic icons late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino, died due to renal disease secondary to diabetes on Thursday, June 24 at the Capitol Medical Center at Quezon City.

    Aquino family
    PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/krisaquino

    “We are still in shock. It really came as a surprise yesterday. I haven’t really talked to many of my relatives because we had to accommodate visitors yesterday but in the times that I talked to some of my relatives, it’s still a shock for most of us,” Jiggy told ABS-CBN News.

    According to Jiggy, he was initially informed by his father that his Tito Noy was not doing well. He was eventually informed by his mom that Aquino has passed away.

    When asked as to whom he thinks is taking Aquino’s death the worst, Jiggy said that it’s really hard to pinpoint.

    “In terms of who is taking it the worst, I don’t think I can say personally who is taking it the worst because all of us have different ways of coping with grief. I do know that a lot of my relatives are sad but if I were to answer, it’s really the sisters, who were closest to him, were taking it really hard,” Jiggy explained.

    A bachelor throughout his life, Aquino is survived by his sisters Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Pinky Aquino- Abellada, Viel Aquino Dee and Kris Aquino.

    — Mini, The Summit Express

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