NAPOLCOM authorizes PNP Chief to promote over 33K police officers

MANILA, Philippines – The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) recently approved the filling up of 33,490 promotional vacancies for the ranks of Police Corporal (PCpl) to Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL) under the CY 2020 Second Level Ranks Promotional Quota consisting of 32,334 regular promotion and 1,156 projected special/meritorious promotion.

NAPOLCOM authorizes PNP Chief to promote over 33K police officers

NAPOLCOM Vice Chairman and Executive Officer Vitaliano N. Aguirre II said that the Commission EnBanc, headed by DILG Secretary and NAPOLCOM Chairman Eduardo M. Aňo, approved Resolution No. 2021-0415, dated April 12, 2021, granting the Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) the authority to fill up promotional vacancies in the second level ranks to facilitate the upward career movement of personnel in order to stabilize the pyramidal rank structure of the PNP organization.

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“The PNP Promotion Program is aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the police organization by selecting and appointing qualified and deserving police officers to the next higher rank through merit and fitness,” Aguirre said.

For the regular promotional quota, the PNP has been authorized to fill up:
  • 1,000 promotional slots for Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL)
  • 1,670 for Police Major (PMAJ)
  • 320 for Police Captain (PCPT)
  • 433 for Police Lieutenant (PLT)
  • 2,584 for Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS)
  • 3,149 for Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS)
  • 4,025 for Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS)
  • 4,346 for Police Master Sergeant (PMSg)
  • 5,158for Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg)
  • 9,649 for Police Corporal (PCpl).

The 1,156 projected special/meritorious promotions are distributed by rank, as follows:
  • 22 for PMAJ
  • 34 for PCPT
  • 16 for PLT
  • 116 for PEMS
  • 213 for PCMS
  • 122 for PSMS
  • 255 for PMSg
  • 132 for PSSg
  • 246 for PCpl.

Vice Chairman Aguirre said that the minimum qualification standards to be used in the assessment and evaluation of qualified candidates shall be based on the existing approved NAPOLCOM issuance and confirmed by the Civil Service Commission. All promotional appointments shall be permanent in nature and there shall be no promotional appointment in temporary status.

The processing of the PLTCOL Promotion program shall be done continuously to fill up the required vacancies in the PLTCOL rank. Police Majors who are occupying PLTCOL positions shall be qualified for promotion by virtue of position on top of the other collateral qualification standards in order to ensure the proportionate distribution of said rank. Provided, that these candidates for promotion shall have satisfied all the other qualification standards prior to their promotion.

In case of a tie in the ranking of applicants, the Seniority Lineal List (SLL) shall be used as a governing factor when all the other relevant factors are already considered. The PNP shall submit to the NAPOLCOM a report stating therein the number of applicants processed per rank and the number of promotees per rank.

“There should be transparency in the implementation of procedures and that the Promotion Board must ensure the promotion of the best and most qualified police officers; otherwise, they would be subjected to administrative sanctions,” Aguirre said.

— The Summit Express

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