10-year-old boy in Sultan Kudarat plows land to help his grandparents

MANILA, Philippines – A 10-year-old boy from Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato is earning praises online for his hardwork and perseverance to help his family.

Reymark works as a farmer at age 10
Reymark works as a farmer at age 10 | Screenshot: YouTube/KMJS

Working under the sun and using your physical strength everyday, a farmer's job is no easy task. But a 10-year-old boy endures doing it for his beloved grandparents.

Reymark has taken upon himself to bring food to their table by tirelessly plowing the land with his horse named Rabanos. At the age of four, his mother left them and remarried. Reymark's father raised him until a few years ago, he got a warrant of arrest for illegal possession of firearms. Since then, Reymark had not seen or heard anything from his father.

10-year-old boy in Sultan Kudarat
Screenshot: YouTube/KMJS

According to Reymark, he learned to plow the farm because of his father. “Nagawa ko pong mag-araro dahil sa kanya. Hindi rin niya gusto pero anong gawin namin? “he said.

“Miss ko na, dahil napapagod na po akong mag-araro dahil lang sa kanya. Kung nandito lang po siya, hindi na po ako mag-aararo. Pero sige lang, kakayanin ko para sa pamilya ko," Reymark said.

Since then, Reymark was raised by his grandparents, Rudy and Nerissa. Along with Rabanos the horse, the boy is left with no choice but to work to make ends meet.

Lolo Rudy, who helps Reymark harvest the crops admitted he pities the boy but he also cannot work due to old age.

“Naaawa rin. Kasi batang-bata pa eh. ‘Yung mga ibang bata, laro lang ang kanilang iniisip,” Reymark's grandparents shared.

Reymark shared how it is difficult to plow the land as a young boy and he often gets wounds. Unfortunately, he barely makes enough money from farming. He usually buys sardines and medicine. If times get even tough, they would just eat rice with salt.

The hardworking boy revealed that he has no big dreams of becoming rich. He only wants to make sure they have food everyday.

"Wala na kaming chance yumaman sa mundo, Ma'am, dahil ang amin lang po 'yung makakain kami sa isang araw,” Reymark lamented.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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