Community pantry bearing name of SK President earns ire of netizens

MANILA, Philippines – Community pantries have mushroomed across the Philippines in the hopes of providing free food and groceries to Filipinos badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept of “give what you can, take what you need” has inspired residents to launch the initiative in their respective communities.
Community pantry bearing name of SK President earns ire of netizens

While these community pantries have earned praises from netizens, one particular community pantry earned the ire of netizens after its photo was shared on social media.

Community pantry bearing name of SK President
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ethel de Borja

A screenshot of a Facebook post by a certain Vince Hernandez, which shows Bagumbong community pantry, quickly made the rounds on social media. The controversial community pantry, which is located along Saranay road, Bagumbong, Caloocan City, bears the name of SK Federation President Vince Hernandez.

Furthermore, Hernandez urged the public to send donations in the said post.

While it is not yet confirmed if Hernandez really set-up the pantry or a tent bearing his name was just borrowed by organizers, netizens can’t help but be suspicious of the intentions of Hernandez.

With the 2022 elections nearing, several netizens accused Hernandez of taking advantage of the popular community initiatives which were inspired by Maginhawa Community Pantry.

Ethel de Borja, who posted the screenshot, said that Hernandez should not be using the term community pantry and should just name the pantry after himself.

“Kung gusto mong ilagay ang pangalan mo, wag mong tawaging COMMUNITY PANTRY. VINCE HERNANDEZ PANTRY is MOST APPROPRIATE. Wag naman ganyan. Trapong trapo naman yang ganyan. May pa-hashtag ka pa talaga Konsi?!,” Ethel de Borja wrote in the caption of the post.

A certain JP Goroy wrote: “May sumakay at nangopya na. In bad taste nga lang. Bantayan nyo next year magsusulputan ganito na parang kabute.”

“Just like i said, politikos drool at any chance, masakyan lang ang popular community initiatives na ito,” Vladimir Cebu commented.

As of writing, Hernandez has not issued a statement regarding the issue. Moreover, the original post can no longer be found on Facebook.

— Mini, The Summit Express

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