Respondents to file cases against Christine Dacera’s family

MANILA, Philippines – Respondents to the Christine Dacera case will file counter charges against the late flight attendant's family.

Respondents to file cases against Christine Dacera’s family
The respondents to the Christine Dacera case fight back against the flight attendant's family | Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

Five out of the 11 individuals linked to Christine’s death will be suing the Dacera family for allegedly unfound claims against them. According to Mike Santiago, the respondents' legal counsel, they will be filing cases of perjury, malicious prosecution, libel, and incriminating innocent persons. He added that they are still eyeing the possibility of seeking moral damages. The Dacera's witnesses may also be filed with perjury.

“We will also file counter charges against people who are concocting lies one after the other. They want to force the issue there was rape with homicide," Santiago revealed.

He also admitted that it would be "unlikely" that his clients would settle for an amicable settlement.

“They are innocent. There’s nothing to settle amicably. You only settle amicably if you think you’re guilty,” he said.

Recently, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) filed criminal charges against 11 individuals who were present when Christine was found dead in a hotel bathtub.

Those charged were Mark Anthony Rosales, Romel Galido, John Pascual Dela Serna III, Darwin Joseph Macalla, Gregorio Angelo Rafael De Guzman, Jezreel Rapinan, Alain Chen, Reymar Englis, Atty. Neptali Maroto, Louie De Lima, and Police Maj. Michael Nick Sarmiento.

Among the cases filed were violations of Section 3(k) of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act for supposedly delivering and giving away party drugs, violation of section 3 (a) of Dangerous Drugs Act for introducing party drugs, cases of perjury, obstruction of justice and reckless imprudence resulting in homicide. Sarmiento was charged with falsification of an official document by a public officer for supposedly declaring untruthful findings.

Meanwhile, the Dacera camp remarked that they respect the other party's right to file counter charges. “They have their rights under the law as much as the Daceras do. Insofar as the family is concerned, however, there was no malice in their actions,” said Jose Ledda III, one of the legal counsels for the Dacera family.

Ledda noted how the Dacera's complaints are not baseless accusations but are backed by the evidence found by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and NBI.

“So if we are to base the actions of the family with the gathered pieces of evidence, it is safe to say that there was no malicious prosecution, no incriminating of innocent persons and they did not commit perjury,” Ledda said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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