‘Hindi kami katulong’: Nurses criticize DepEd's material over alleged discrimination

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens, mostly nurses, called out the Department of Education over the alleged discrimination of their nursing profession in one their learning materials.
Nurses criticize DepEd's material over alleged discrimination

Nurses criticize DepEd's material over alleged discrimination
A material describing nurses as "katulong" is making the rounds online | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@ShameOnYouPpl

Social media is abuzz after a photo of a learning material describing nurses as "katulong" or helper of doctors made the rounds online. In the material, it shows a description of several professions.

The first profession shown was that of a carpenter and the description states, "Ang karpintero ang gumagawa ng bahay." Another profession described as a chef and stated, "Ang chef ang tagaluto ng masasarap na pagkain." However, netizens couldn't help but notice the description given to a nurse.

According to the learning material, "Ang nars ang katulong o kasama ng doctor."

The word "katulong o kasama" didn't sit well with many nurses as it seems to imply that they are helpers and assistants of doctors.

On Twitter, a netizen expressed her frustration over the alleged "looking down" on the nursing profession. He tweeted, "Hoy DepEd ayos ayusin nyo modules nyo ha. We are a team sa healthcare at hindi kami katulong."

He went on to explain his stand on the importance of properly using the right words to describe nurses.

Another netizen made a suggestion that instead of a "katulong" or helper, it should have been "kaagapay" or working alongside a doctor.

"Mali ang ginamit na salita ,dapat sana, ka-agapay o katuwang ng doctor sa gawaing hospital, ganern," she tweeted.

Another nurse also called out DepEd to review their materials properly. She tweeted, "Ano ba to DepEd ginawa katulong ang nurse. Yan napapala ng 'di muna review yung module bago ibigay sa students."

Despite the outrage, it is still unclear if the viral learning material is actually from the Department of Education and the agency has yet to comment on the issue.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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  1. dapat mag gawa ng isang batas na ang license ng isang nurse..gawin nalang professional nurse para hindi ma degrading.

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