Kim Chiu on viral Kris Aquino meme: ‘Nahanap n’yo ‘to because?’

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Kim Chiu has finally reacted to the viral Kris Aquino ‘because’ meme, making netizens laugh as she candidly used the meme in her reaction, too.
Kim Chiu on viral Kris Aquino meme

“Diyos ko! Kayo talaga! Nahanap n’yo ‘to because???” she laughingly joked.

But what’s the deal with the ‘because’ meme?

Kris Aquino meme because
Photo credit: Kris TV

Recently, an old screenshot of Kris Aquino from an interview with Kim Chiu back in 2014 went viral again as a ‘because’ meme. Although it is an old photo, netizens have recently just started using it as a meme to express frustration over something.

The memes only show a rather frustrated-looking Kris, often with a short phrase preceding the word ‘because’. However, this was actually a real screenshot from an interview between Kris and Kim back in January 2014 for “Kris TV”.

At the time, an emotional Kim could barely stop crying as she recounts the bad experience she had with the media following a press conference for her movie at the time, “Bride for Rent”. While the actress was asked about her relationship with Xian Lim, her co-star in the movie, she flippantly replied, “We don’t owe you any of our personal lives.”

The remark angered the press and many netizens who thought she was being such a snob prima donna. Thankfully, fans came to her defense, expressing their love for the young actress and defending her from bad comments.

So, in an interview on “Kris TV”, Kim could not help but feel emotional as she recounted the experience and thanked her fans for the support. But as she was being interviewed, Kim could barely keep herself together.

Kris Aquino meme because
Photo credit: Kris TV

As the young actress continued to sob, Kris attempted to help her finish the sentence by saying, “So na-touch ka because?”

The frustration on Kris’ face was easy to see – and this has become a source of inspiration for the meme. A lot of netizens are posting about issues or topics that they are frustrated about, adding the Kris ‘because’ meme.

Watch the old video here:

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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