Netizens call out Raymond Gutierrez for allegedly partying that led to closure of BGC resto

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens called out actor-host Raymond Gutierrez for allegedly holding a party that led to the closure of a restaurant at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.
Raymond Gutierrez BGC party

Raymond Gutierrez BGC party
Raymond Gutierrez's alleged party led to the closure of La Picara BGC | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/GaysOverCovidPH

Many netizens aired their disappointment on reports that Raymond celebrated his 37th birthday with his friends in La Picara BGC on Friday night. Amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, strict quarantine protocols are still being implemented in the area. Mass gatherings, birthday celebrations are still prohibited.

Due to the party, La Picara was ordered closed by the Taguig COVID Regulations Enforcement. Netizens were quick to share on social media the photos from Raymond's party that seem to show that violations were made against face masks and social distance regulations.

In one photo shared by GaysOverCovidPH on Twitter, it showed Raymond being closely surrounded by his friends, all with no face masks on. They were greeting the celebrant a happy birthday as Raymond was ready to blow the candle of his birthday cake. The photo had a disclaimer pointing out that everyone who attended the party all had undergone COVID-19 testing.

Raymond Gutierrez
Raymond Gutierrez

The caption noted, "Happy birthday, Mond. Note: Everyone was PCR tested."

The Twitter account shared how disappointing it was that an establishment was closed due to the celebrity's party. It tweeted, "BGC has been ordered CLOSED. (Due to a party last night). Taguig COVID Regulations Enforcement has decided to implement new restrictions for the restaurant."

"Think about the people, Mond," it added.

According to Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano, the order to close La Picara was due to its repeated violations of health protocols, despite several warnings sent to its owners, Spanish expats Isabel Calvo and Felipe Antonio Díaz.

“While we are aggressive in wanting all business to reopen, there are some restaurants and tenants which are just abusive. Their co-tenants are the ones reporting to us their rampant violations,” said Cayetano.

Netizens continued to air their dismay at how hardworking employees have lost their jobs due to the closure of the establishment. Others pointed out how it was unfair that the workers have to suffer due to celebrity and his friends' eagerness to party amid the pandemic.

An angry netizen wrote, "How does it feel RAYMOND GUTIERREZ? Ang saya ba ng PARTY? Worth it ba? U have the time of your life? Worth it din ba na nawalan ng work ang mga nag tatrabaho dyan just bcoz of u?! Its all on you! U all RK na walang pake sa iba... SHAME ON U! LET KARMA DO ITS THING!"

Another netizen also noted how getting tested isn't enough to stop the spread of COVID-19. He wrote, "PCR TESTED HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Raymond Gutierrez? doesn't matter whether you're tested or not. we're still in a f*ck*ng pandemic with millions of people already dead. ya'll forgot how this virus spreads?"

"So Raymond Gutierrez throws a party that results in people losing their job... huh," another netizon said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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