Mariel Rodriguez reacts to rumors Robin Padilla got Mocha Uson pregnant

MANILA, Philippines – Mariel Rodriguez couldn't help but react to speculations that her husband Robin Padilla got Mocha Uson pregnant.

Mariel Rodriguez reacts to rumors Robin Padilla got Mocha Uson pregnant
Mariel Rodriguez called the rumor that Robin Padilla got Mocha Uson pregnant as "baseless gossip.

Social media was abuzz on rumors that a seasoned action star who is married allegedly got a controversial female personality pregnant. The rumors started as a blind item with hints that the female personality and the action star are both staunch supporters of the individual who holds the highest political seat in the country. It also suggested that the reason why the female personality has not been active in her social media account which had a huge following was because she had to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Netizens easily assumed that the allegations were related to Robin and Mocha who are strong DDS supporters. "Mocha Uson" quickly trended on the top spot of Twitter Thursday night.

UPDATE: Mocha Uson denies pregnancy rumors with Robin Padilla, blames Robredo supporters 

The rumor didn't sit well with Mariel who at first laughed off the accusation. On her Instagram post, a netizen commented what was her reaction to the rumor. The netizen asked, "Sis ano masasabi mo na buntis daw si Mocha at si Robin ang tatay???”

Mariel just commented with three laughing while crying emojis.

But due to the continued circulation of the issue, Mariel posted a lengthy tirade on her official Facebook page. She called the rumors "baseless gossip" and appealed to stop it because her husband is still grieving over the passing of his brother Royette Padilla.

Mariel Rodriguez reacts to rumors Robin Padilla got Mocha Uson pregnant
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel wrote, "So many people are sending me messages... “checking” on me. People are tagging me bla bla bla... let me tell you this. ROBIN’S BROTHER PASSED AWAY. He is grieving. He has never been in so much pain all his life. He doesn’t need your baseless gossip. Namatayan ng kapatid yung asawa ko. Please lang po. He doesn’t even know anything about all this rumor but i am putting a stop to this NOW. May oras para maging assholes now is not that time. Please."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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