Netizens trend #BoycottPBB for show's 'unfair' 6th nomination

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens couldn't help but to air their frustration over the 6th nomination episode of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect.

On Twitter, #BoycottPBB, #UnfairPBB reigned the top trending list on Friday as netizens call out the show for allegedly showing it has its "favorites."

On Thursday, January 28, the two housemates who are up for nomination are Ella Cayabyab and Aizyl Tandugon. Earlier, Ella and Aizyl were joined by Jie-Ann Armero and Andrea Abaya as fellow nominees but the two were saved by the Heads of the Household (HOH).

PBB Connect housemates Aizyl, Jie-Ann, Andrea and Ella.
PBB Connect housemates Aizyl, Jie-Ann, Andrea and Ella.

With their Golden Power to Veto, HOH Chico Alicaya saved Jie-Ann while the other HOH Alyssa Exala removed Andrea from the nominees for eviction.

Now, many netizens are enraged that the show failed to give options to save Ella and Aizyl and they are left with choosing either one of them. Netizens also pointed out that as per the definition of the Power to Veto based on international versions of Big Brother, the HOH has to choose a replacement for his/her saved nominee.

Netizens are calling PBB "unfair" and "biased" because it was allegedly clear that the show wanted either Ella or Aizyl out of the house.

Ella and Aizyl PBB
Ella Cayabyab and Aizyl Tandugon are up for eviction | Photo Courtesy: PBB Connect

A netizen explained her stand on the issue, "My issue here is not about the magkumares being nominated, it's about HOW they were nominated and how there are only the two of them as options to be evicted. #PBB6thNomination #BOYCOTTPBB".

Another netizen slammed PBB for losing its credibility when it used veto without replacement.

It also didn't help that many netizens are accusing the show of playing favorites, allegedly always giving more attention to Jie-Ann.

A netizen tweeted, "Grabe no? nung nagbebreakdown si Jie ann binigyan agad ng words of wisdom ni kuya tapos ngayong nagbebreakdown sila Ella at Aizyl, he never even say a single word of wisdom for them hahahaha what a biased. #BoycottPBB".

Eviction night will be on January 31 (Sunday). Viewers can either vote to save or evict the housemate of their choice. To save, text BBS Ella or BBS Aizyl to 2366 while to evict, text BBE Ella or BBE Aizyl to 2366. Only one vote per sim per day is allowed. Viewers may also vote via Kumu app.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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