5 reasons why Epson’s Easy-to-Use Digital Textile Printers are ideal for building business start-ups

    MANILA, Philippines – The far-reaching effects of the pandemic have changed life as we know it, and as the marketplace moved online, entrepreneurs are finding more creative ways to earn in the new environment. In the same way that technology enables communication and keeps businesses running, it offers opportunities to earn.

    One such opportunity can be found in digital textile printing. The textile industry continues to evolve and the ability to manufacture custom printed textiles and short fashion runs is quickly becoming a business advantage.

    Epson SC-F2130
    Epson SC-F2130

    Epson offers a range of digital textile printers that enable users to produce and manufacture custom fabrics at scale with high precision and increased reliability, using vibrant and eye-catching colours.

    Here are some of the reasons why custom textile printing with Epson’s easy-to-use Digital Textile Printers might be the perfect business idea for you:

    1. Advanced Printing Quality

    Buyers are on the lookout for quality in any purchase they make. Printing garments digitally delivers an outstanding level of colour and quality that is ideal when it comes to consistently reproducing complex designs with accurate colours, including refined gradients, in every print.

    2. Quick and Efficient Production

    Digital textile printers offer significantly short production turnaround, giving you every opportunity to maximise what comes your way and avoid any long and costly production delays. These printers are fast, reliable, and time saving for any business.

    3. Very Flexible to Customer Demands

    It’s always about what is convenient, quick, and easy. Keep up with the evolving trends and demands of customers with the ability to produce short runs and print-on-demand services with minimal downtime. Cater to the needs of your audiences by knowing what they want, when they want it, and how they want it done.

    4. Low Environmental Impact

    Everyone is becoming more conscious about their impact to the environment, which also applies for setting up businesses and making sure it is sustainable in the long run. Good thing digital printing provides significant reductions in both water and electricity consumption compared to traditional fabric printing. Epson’s digital textile printers allow businesses to stay productive and profitable while caring for the environment.

    5. Reduced Production Costs

    All entrepreneurs are on the lookout for cost-effective solutions that can save them money but offer best quality output for their businesses. With Epson’s digital textile printers, you can take control of your production timeline and costs by producing quality designs in-house, eliminating expensive third-party printing fees.

    Both direct-to-garment (DTG) and dye sublimation printing are cost-effective options for small and medium businesses. Direct-to-garment printing is similar to using an inkjet printer to print on paper, except that you’re printing right onto cotton-based fabric using special water-based inks that absorb into the fabric, allowing you to do small print runs at an affordable price.

    If you are looking for more types of printing application options, dye sublimation might just be the perfect choice. With dye sublimation, you can easily print customised apparel as you can control every part of the fabric you are printing on. This is perfect for those who need custom sportswear and accessories, printed face masks, personalised mugs or smartphone cases and the like. Although it requires more steps, dye sublimation is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to take the details of designs up a notch over DTG printing.

    Epson SC-F6330
    Epson SC-F6330

    Learn more about Epson's Digital Textile Printers here.

    — The Summit Express

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