Stray dog helps rescue newborn baby abandoned at dumpsite

    MANILA, Philippines – A stray dog helps rescue a newborn baby abandoned at a dumpsite in Sibonga, Cebu. For its heroic deed, netizens are hoping that the dog might be rescued as a reward.

    At around 11 AM last December 24, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was passing through the dumpsite along the mountain barangay of Magkagong when a stray dog began to chase him.

    Stray dog helps rescue newborn baby
    Photo credit: Sibonga WCPD/ Sibonga Police

    Though the dog was barking and chasing after his motorcycle, it did not appear to be aggressive. In fact, Revilla had the feeling that the stray dog was trying to tell him something.

    Curious about the dog’s behavior, Revilla stopped his motorcycle and followed the dog who ran ahead, leading him to a grassy area at the dumpsite. The rider was surprised to find a baby wrapped in a brown towel on the ground!

    Sibonga PNP under the direct supervision of ACOP PMAJ Jomar Anoba Medil immediately conducted an ocular inspection at the area while the child was brought to the hospital for check-up and possible treatment.

    Police Master Sergeant Venus Tampos of the Sibonga Police Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) said that the newborn baby is a boy who still had part of its umbilical cord hanging from its navel. They found the baby’s placenta wrapped inside a black plastic bag that was thrown alongside the child.

    Stray dog helps rescue newborn baby
    Photo credit: Sibonga WCPD/ Sibonga Police

    According to Tampos, they had actually done a house-to-house campaign to raise awareness on teen pregnancy and how this can be prevented. Thus, the incident got the local police force worried and sad.

    Authorities are now calling on the child’s parents, especially the mother, to take responsibility of the baby. The police had already turned over the child to the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.

    Tampos added that the black stray dog that’s now being hailed a local hero is one of around 5 to 6 dogs that frequent the dumpsite in search for food. Netizens are hoping that this hero dog will be adopted soon.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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