Dad finishes college after 13 years

    MANILA, Philippines – A proud family man shared his inspiring story of fulfilling his mother's dream to finish his college degree.
    Dad finishes college even after 13 years

    On Facebook, Paul Cruz shared his graduation story which he dubbed as the "journey that lasted 13 years." According to Paul, he entered the University of the Philippines - Los Baños (UPLB) in 2007 as a wide-eyed freshman full of hope. Since then, Paul became active in several campus organizations and even earned a seat in the student council.

    But as much as he enjoyed school, studying became the least of his priorities. He failed a subject until he got dismissed from UPLB in 2011. He also recalled how he struggled financially to make ends meet.

    Paul wrote, "Ostensibly, I came to UP Los Baños to study, but it ultimately became the least of my priorities. In the final semester, I acquired four 5’s and one 4 (which eventually became a 5). And for the record—and with finality—I only took Math 11 five times; four times in UPLB and once in Diliman. This was my Los Baños. As was wont to happen, I got dismissed in 2011."

    It was then he started building a career in the BPO industry. Like they always say, life happens and Paul found himself enjoying being a family man and a musician.

    Dad finishes college even after 13 years
    Photo courtesy of Paul Cruz

    And while he is already stable with his life, Paul couldn't help but think about his mother's wish, which is for him to finish a college degree. He then enrolled in UP Open University and took up Education Studies.

    And finally, Paul proudly shared that he got to wear his "sablay" after 13 long years. He finished with a degree in Bachelor of Education Studies Major in Instructional Design and Technology course.

    Dad finishes college even after 13 years
    Photo courtesy of Paul Cruz

    Paul looked back at his journey said, "Through the years, these beliefs held true — that excellence cannot be measured by the outcome of the task. Rather, it is distinguished by the struggle, the heart, and the effort to barrel on through despite the outcome."

    "In the same vein— that integrity is central to the narrative of life. It’s doing the right thing regardless of whether someone sees you or not; Integrity is holding fast to the little things, and your integrity—being true to yourself and your maker—helps you see it through. This journey lasted 13 years," he added.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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    1. Paul, it's good you finished your undergraduate degree at UP, for me I wanted to finished my MS Forestry at UPLB but my stay there fo five (5) resulted to expire my degree program,even I started to conducted my Special Experimental Thesis, how I wish to go back to UPLB to finish it if may be allowed by the Iniversity

    2. I mean I stayed there for five (5) years, even I started to conduct my Special Problem that resulted to expire the period of my degree program


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