VIRAL: Netizens stumped over 'tunog ng eroplano' question on module

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens are stumped over the ‘tunog ng eroplano’ question on module after a confused mom posted a photo of the page on her Facebook account.
'tunog ng eroplano' question on module

While helping her son learn his lessons using the modules provided by the school, Kristine Joy Hebrado Rivera got really confused by one question asking in Filipino: what do airplanes sound like?

The choices are the following:
a. weng - weng - weng
b. eng - eng - eng
c. wii - wii - wii
d. pipip - pipip - pipip

Photo credit: Kristine Joy Hebrado Rivera / Facebook

Kristine Joy’s son is a Grade 1 student enrolled in the Rizal provincial government’s special education program. Because neither Kristine Joy nor her son knew the answer to the ‘tunog ng eroplano’ question, she tried asking help from her husband; but he didn’t know the answer either!

Stumped over the question, Kristine Joy also asked help from her nieces and nephews but none of them were sure about the answer. Because the rest of the family could not help her out, Kristine Joy decided to post a photo of the question on her Facebook page, possibly in hopes that someone could help her on the answer.

“Noong binasa ko 'yun, tagal ko pang inisip kung ano ba talaga ang sagot doon? Nagtanong pa ako sa asawa ko at sa mga pamangkin ko, pero 'di rin nila alam, kaya ipinost ko 'yun,” she explained.

But even netizens were puzzled over the question, making her post go viral. Kristine Joy was surprised that the post went viral.

“Nagulat nga po kami eh. Sabi ko nga, normal lang po sa akin 'yun na i-post ko para malaman namin ang sagot. Hindi ko po 'yun ipinost para magpasikat. Nagulat lang po kami na umabot nga po sa ganoon,” she said.

Many netizens tried deductive reasoning to answer the question, coming up with “eng - eng - eng” as the ‘correct’ answer. But other netizens quickly commented that airplanes don’t sound that way…

— The Summit Express


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