NBA Finals: Heat dodges sweep, wins Game 3 vs. Lakers

MANILA, Philippines – The Miami Heat relied on Jimmy Butler’s triple-double to win Game 3, 115-104 vs. LA Lakers on October 5, 2020 (PH Time) at the NBA Bubble in Florida, USA.

With Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic out for two games in-a-row, the Miami Heat tried to survive and live another game.

Even with a depleted lineup, the Heat led by Jimmy Butler made an impressive scoring run and forced the Lakers to commit 10 early turnovers in the first quarter.

Heat dodges sweep, wins Game 3 vs. Lakers
Jimmy Butler wins Game 3 with his first ever Finals triple-double vs. LA Lakers. Photo Credit:

Despite a very sloppy opener, the Lakers managed to trim Heat’s 13-point advantage, 26-23.

As the 2nd period unfolded, Lakers started to find its groove and regained their position as the alphas of this series.

Anthony Davis, though he chipped in a few digits, still struggled in the 2nd quarter and wasted half of his foul limits that hampered him in attacking the basket.

Los Angeles recorded its slowest and lowest halftime output of the series as they chased Miami 58-54 after the first 24 minutes of the game.

Miami had an 8-0 blast in the first couple of minutes in the 3rd quarter and Tyler Herro started to heat up from the three-point area. In contrast, LA’s gunners were quiet all along in this game and the reason why the Lakers were behind.

LeBron James, although in double-figures, wasn't much of an impact to his team as they trailed the South Beach squad in the entire penultimate quarter.

With Anthony Davis coming back alive offensively, Miami’s 14-point lead was reduced to just 5, 85-80 at the end of the third.

Underrated scorer, Markief Morris helped the Lakers regain the lead as they began the final chapter of game 3.

Jimmy Butler tallied his first ever Finals triple-double and the Heat had a slight advantage as the crunch minutes approached.

The Miami Heat fought hard to live another day and posted a 115-104 win and rally the series 1-2 behind the LA LAkers.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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