LIST: 2021 Holidays, Long Weekends in the Philippines

    MANILA, Philippines – Plan your vacations ahead!

    Malacañang Palace released on Friday, February 26, the official and revised list of regular holidays, special non-working days and special working days for 2021.

    LIST: 2021 Holidays, Long Weekends in the Philippines

    President Rodrigo Duterte through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed Proclamation No. 1107, amending earlier proclamation, to declare 10 regular, 6 special non-working and 3 special working holidays.

    Under the new proclamation, All Souls' Day (November 2), Christmas Eve, (December 24), and the last day of the year (December 31) were declared special working days.

    "For the country to recover from the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need to encourage economic productivity by, among others, minimizing work disruption and commemorating some special holidays as special working days instead," Proclamation No. 1107 stated.

    Meanwhile, all other provisions of Proclamation No. 986. series 2020 shall remain unchanged, valid and existing.

    Note that December 8 special holiday was added in the list to commemorate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, based on Republic Act (R.A.) No. 10966.


    • January 1 (Friday) - New Year's Day
    • April 1- Maundy Thursday
    • April 2- Good Friday
    • April 9 (Friday) - Araw ng Kagitingan
    • May 1 (Saturday) - Labor Day
    • June 12 (Saturday) - Independence Day
    • August 30 (last Monday of August) - National Heroes Day
    • November 30 (Tuesday) - Bonifacio Day
    • December 25 (Saturday) - Christmas Day
    • December 30 (Thursday) - Rizal Day

    • February 12 (Friday) - Chinese New Year
    • February 25 (Thursday) - EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary
    • April 3 - Black Saturday
    • August 21 (Saturday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
    • November 1 (Monday) - All Saints’ Day
    • December 8 (Wednesday) - Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

    • November 2 (Tuesday) - All Souls’ Day
    • December 24 (Friday) - Christmas Eve
    • December 31 (Friday) - Last Day of the Year

    PLAN AHEAD: 11 long weekends in 2021. This list covers only holidays that fall on a Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday (with one vacation leave in between), making the long weekend possible.

    1. December 30, 2020 to January 3, 2021 (Rizal Day and New Year weekend)

    2. February 12 to 14, 2021 (Chinese New Year weekend)

    3. February 25 to 28, 2021 (EDSA Anniversary weekend)

    4. April 1 to 4, 2021 (Holy Week)

    5. April 9 to 11, 2021 (Araw ng Kagitingan weekend)

    6. July 17 to 20, 2021 (Eid'l Adha weekend)

    7. August 28 to 30, 2021 (National Heroes' Day weekend)

    8. October 30, 2021 to November 1, 2021 (All Saints Day weekend)

    9. November 27 to 30, 2021 (Bonifacio Day weekend)

    10. December 24 to 26, 2021 (Christmas weekend)

    11. December 30, 2021 to January 2, 2022 (Rizal Day and New Year weekend)

    The proclamation declaring national holidays for the observance of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha, two major feasts of Islam, will be issued after the dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra).

    Projected dates of Islam holidays in 2021:
    • Eidul Fitr - Thursday, May 13
    • Eidul Adha - Tuesday, July 20

    "The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) shall inform the Office of the President of the actual dates on which these holidays shall respectively fall,” the proclamation stated.

    Proclamation 1107 Holidays Philippines

    DOLE pay rules

    Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) advised the employers to observe the following formula in the computation of wages:

    Regular holidays

    Employees who did not work on regular holidays shall be paid 100 percent of their salary ([Basic wage + COLA] x 100 percent)], while those who worked shall be paid 200 percent of their regular salary for the first eight hours ([Basic wage + COLA] x 200 percent).

    Further, if the employees worked overtime (work done in excess of eight hours), they shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their hourly rate (hourly rate of the basic wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked).

    Moreover, those who worked on a regular holiday that also fell on their rest day shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their basic wage of 200 percent [(Basic wage + COLA) x 200 percent] + [30 percent (Basic wage x 200 percent)].

    Workers who rendered overtime work on a regular holiday that also fell on their rest day shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their hourly rate on said day (hourly rate of the basic wage x 200 percent x 130 percent x 130 percent x number of hours worked).

    Special non-working holiday

    If the employee did not work, the “no work, no pay” policy shall apply unless there is another company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment on special days.

    For work done during the special non-working holiday, he/she shall be paid an additional 30% of his/her daily rate on the first eight hours of work [(basic wage x 130%) + COLA].

    For work done in excess of eight hours (overtime work), he/she shall be paid an additional 30% of his/her hourly rate on the said day [hourly rate of the basic daily wage x 130% x 130% x number of hours worked].

    If an employee works on a special holiday that also falls on his/her rest day, he/she shall be paid an additional 50% of his/her daily rate on the first eight hours of work [(basic wage x 150%) + COLA].

    For overtime work on a special holiday that also falls on his/her rest day, he/she shall be paid an additional 30% of his/her hourly rate on the said day [Hourly rate of the basic wage x 150% x 130% x number of hours worked].

    Duterte ordered the DOLE to publicize the implementing guidelines for the proclamation.

    — The Summit Express


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