Gear up with SPERRY 7 SEAS, Up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale

    MANILA, Philippines – The COVID-19 pandemic put most of us to stay-at-home and limit our usual activities to just within the corners of our homes for several months. As quarantine restrictions loosen up in select areas, domestic tourism and leisure spots are slowly resuming their operations. The Philippine government expects the country to be back to normal by the end of 2020.

    Surely, most of Filipinos are very excited to go out to gym for fitness and to continue exploring the nation’s beautiful travel destinations. Now is the perfect time to prepare, think of the best shoes for travel and take advantage of big online sale.

    When it comes to outdoor activities, we normally need 2-3 pairs of shoes to suit different tasks. But luckily, there’s a Sperry 7 SEAS, all-in-one shoes with superior grip on land and sea. These sneakers are the evolution of your classic boat shoes designed with tech innovations.

    Gear up with SPERRY 7 SEAS, up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale
    Sperry 7 SEAS features three key product benefits to provide a secure fit, traction and comfort.

    These all-terrain shoes feature a hydrophobic mesh upper with HydroPel technology that sheds water and dries quickly.

    Gear up with SPERRY 7 SEAS, up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale

    Gear up with SPERRY 7 SEAS, up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale

    The OmniVent technology allows your feet to breathe even when its sun’s peak while the moccasin-like feel wraps your feet enhanced by signature MocFit construction, which makes you stay comfortable all-day.

    Gear up with SPERRY 7 SEAS, up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale

    It is very durable to withstand to whatever your situations and dependable on all conditions giving you sure-footed confidence on dry land usages.

    Built with a classic silhouette present in most 7 SEAS sneakers, the Sperry 7 SEAS Carbon Boat Shoe fits with your budget for its super big mark down special price at Shopee 8.8 Fashion Sale.

    You can also choose from different styles and colorways. Check out the available Sperry collections for men, women and kids.

    up to 60% off at Shopee 8.8 sale

    Download Shopee app for free through the App Store or Google Play.

    — TM, The Summit Express

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