Daryl Ong banned from ABS-CBN? Vlogger reveals 'other side of the story'

MANILA, Philippines – A vlog revealed the alleged missing details of singer Daryl Ong's confession claiming he was banned from ABS-CBN.
Daryl Ong banned from ABS-CBN? Vlogger reveals

On YouTube channel by Kendra Quinto, the vlogger shared the "other side of the story" claiming that ABS-CBN didn't easily bar Daryl from the network. Kenda first corrected the earlier claim of Daryl that he was banned from any ABS-CBN shows for merely sharing his opinion.

Daryl earlier shared that he was speaking with Bugoy Drilon and a woman employee from ABS-CBN about the franchise issue.

He said that the statement that put him in hot water was when he said, "'Naku, malabo na 'yan. mahirap na 'yan. Kalaban pa man din nila ang gobyerno. Si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban. So, malabo na 'yan.'"

Kendra sided with ABS-CBN and said Daryl missed the part that he allegedly said foul words against the network. He revealed that Daryl said, "Mga ugok sila! Presidente ba naman ang kinalaban nila. Wala na silang magagawa diyan."

The vlogger continued that the conversation was not recorded as Daryl claimed but reported to the big bosses of the network. Bugoy apologized to their bosses for the incident and was forgiven. "Okay si Bugoy sa ABS-CBN, " Kendra said.

On the other hand, Daryl didn't make any move to apologize and appease his employers for his words. Kendra said, "Nagtatampo lang ang ABS-CBN kay Daryl. Never siyang na ban sa network pati si Bugoy," he said.

The vlogger continued that everyone was caught by surprise when Daryl went on to share his controversial vlog claiming he was banned. Kendra added that even Bugoy felt uneasy because his name was dragged to the issue without his permission.

Kendra said the ABS-CBN executives will not make Daryl's "petty" confession issue as they are busy with bigger problems such as the franchise renewal.

He added that if Daryl had any intention of making amends, he could easily do it because he had an aunt who is a business unit head. But since the singer chose not to, Kendra gave a short message for Daryl in the end. He reminded Daryl, "Never burn the bridge that you may need to cross again."

You can watch the vlog here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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