While flights are grounded, this flight attendant proudly sells fish balls

MANILA, Philippines – While flights are grounded, a flight attendant proudly sells fish balls! Her story has inspired so many people, especially those who lost their jobs amid the pandemic.
flight attendant proudly sells fish balls

With governments around the world putting restrictions against traveling in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a lot of people in the travel and transport industries lost their jobs. While they remain hopeful, of course, that they could go back to their high-paying jobs again, many have found other jobs to do as they wait for that to happen.

Take for example Lorrie May Parungao, a flight attendant of Pan Pacific Airlines. During the lockdown, Lorrie May is among those who didn’t have a choice but to find other jobs to do because their airline isn’t offering any flights.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Lorrie May proudly sold fish balls! She proudly shared some photos from her time as flight attendant and during her days of selling fish balls.

flight attendant proudly sells fish balls
Photo credit: Flyhigh Manila / Facebook

There is a stark difference between her two jobs, yet Lorrie May is proud of both. The young flight attendant explained that her parents raised them by selling fish balls and other farm products. They also learned to help their parents as they were growing up.

So, selling fish balls is something that has always been part of her life and has also been part of her journey to become a flight attendant. Now that there’s a lull in their airline job, she did not hesitate to sell fish balls again.

According to Lorrie May, selling fish balls is not really difficult for her because she actually does the same thing during her days off.

“Kinalakihan at nakasanayan pagtitinda kailanman ay hindi ikakahiya,” she wrote.

“Fishball business muna habang lockdown, ito ang bagay na ng buhay sa aking paglalakbay patungo sa pagiging F.A. Maraming salamat sa Aking mga magulang na ako’y inyong minulat sa maraming kasanayan sa buhay na aking madadala saan man at kailan man.”

Netizens praised Lorrie May, saying that she is surely going to become more successful in the future because she did not forget where she came from…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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