Pinay graduates summa cum laude from university in New Jersey, USA

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipina graduates as summa cum laude from a university in New Jersey, USA, earning praise from as this is the highest honor that anyone can receive from an academic institution.

In a graduation ceremony held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 23-year-old Danielle Tadeo received her virtual diploma as she graduates with a degree in Bachelors in International Relations minor in Communications from the Fairleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey, USA. She also received virtual medals for completing the degree as summa cum laude.

Architecture had been her first choice, but Tadeo later decided to take up International Relations after developing interest in politics and global affairs. Human rights law and the global environment would become her favorite subjects to study.

Tadeo admits that she is one of the biggest procrastinators but would not advise others to do the same thing. Still, despite putting off her work and assignments, she still manages to finish everything on time. She also got excellent grades from these projects, leading to her summa cum laude award as she graduates from the prestigious university.

To counter her procrastination habits, Tadeo shared that she tackles the hardest assignments or tasks first before working on the much easier ones. This allows her to still complete her requirements on time.

Danielle Tadeo summa cum laude US
Photo credit: SunStar Cagayan de Oro

Tadeo volunteered for the Commission On The Status Of Women, a non-government organization based in New York that is dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women, before the Covid-19 health crisis. Thus, when the pandemic is over, she hopes to pursue humanitarian work.

She thanks her family for the support which enabled her to survive the difficult times it took for her to complete the degree with flying colors.

“I've always been used to a lot of people stand by me. When it comes to studies, my family can be there to encourage me and they can be there to take my mind off of things when I'm stressed. Their support has been very helpful. Having a family is very important,” Tadeo explained.

“And for the students who are struggling right now, I really wish that there is more help coming in. And like in all things, believe that this will come to pass as well. Kapit lang!”

Tadeo hails from Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, but lived on US soil for 14 years now – first in Hawaii, then in New Jersey. Still, the young woman considers herself as “very Pinoy”. She still prefers Filipino food and even speaks Bisaya even though she’s in New Jersey.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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