Shamcey Supsup admits being 'grade conscious', but realized grades aren't everything

    MANILA, Philippines – Shamcey Supsup-Lee might be best known as Miss Universe Philippines 2011 but this young woman is more than just a pretty face! Did you know that she had obtained her degree in Architecture and also a board topnotcher?
    Shamcey Supsup admits being 'grade conscious'

    Currently serving as the national director of the Miss Universe Philippines organization, Shamcey took to Instagram to post a throwback of her grades, sharing part of her transcript of records in a post that soon went viral.

    Though she admitted to being ‘grade conscious’ as a student, she later came to a realization that grades aren’t everything. Her grades were mostly high marks, with the page she posted showing only one ‘low’ grade of 2.0, for which she jokingly calls out her professor for ‘ruining’ her transcript.

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    The good grades she got on her subjects did help her, somehow, with netizens pointing out that the grades she received were still a reflection of her hard work as a student. Moreover, Shamcey actually graduated as magna cum laude at University of the Philippines (UP) - Diliman and topped the Architecture Licensure Examination in 2010, ranking #1 with a rating of 86.60%. She would win as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe the following year.

    “I grew up to be really "grade conscious" or "GC" for short. It didn't matter if I really learned anything as long as I get the grade, I was fine 😝,” Shamcey posted on her Instagram account, sharing a photo of her transcript.

    “But now, I am more than certain that grades are not everything. Grades should be a byproduct of learning. And what you do with that knowledge is MUCH more important than what is on your report card... On a serious note though: Sino ba tong Prof. ko sa History of Architecture? Panira ng transcript eh! 😂”

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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