Old PWD sad after DSWD takes back SAP cash because of 4Ps family member

MANILA, Philippines – An old PWD was sad after the DSWD took back his SAP cash because of a 4Ps family member. One of his grandchildren shared the story on social media. While many sympathized with the old man’s plight, there are also a lot who think that the DSWD was right in getting their money back.

Joel Alva Baclao posted photos of his grandpa who was feeling sad after his money was taken by the DSWD. According to Baclao, their grandpa qualified for the social amelioration programs (SAP) and was given outright cash that he asked the family to use in buying him some pairs of briefs and shorts.

Old PWD sad after DSWD takes back SAP cash
Photo credit: Joel Alva Baclao / Facebook

The family followed his request and spent around Php1,000 of the SAP cash he received to buy the aforementioned things, plus some vitamins and items for personal hygiene the old man needed. It was a good thing they did not spend all the money because the DSWD asked them to give the money back.

Apparently, someone reported the old man to the DSWD, claiming that he is not qualified for aid because one of his family members is a 4Ps beneficiary.

Baclao admitted that this is true; however, the 4Ps beneficiary is not living in the same house as his grandfather. The situation is complicated, however, because in the comments section of his post, he explained that his mother receives the money on behalf of her sibling, the 4Ps beneficiary, because the children are living at their house.

They did not know who reported them to the DSWD. He added that the DSWD later came back to return the money to them after verifying that the old man was actually eligible for aid, but the family did not accept the money anymore.

Here are the SAP guidelines:

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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