Kind man secretly gives money to another shopper

    MANILA, Philippines – A lot of people have lost their jobs and main source of income due to the COVID-19 crisis. Yet in these difficult times, stories of hope and kindness reverberate across the community. Recently, a kind man was spotted as he secretly gave money to another shopper – and the other guy hurriedly went back to get some milk for his baby!
    Kind man secretly gives money to another shopper

    Marianne Ercillo witnessed the wonderful moment while she was shopping at SM Southmall in Las Piñas, Metro Manila. She was already waiting in line at the counter when she noticed that the shopper ahead of her in the lane (the one wearing white t-shirt in the photo) moved to the next lane to hand something to the guy in green.

    Kind man secretly gives money to another shopper
    The Good Samaritan; Photo credit: Marianne Ercillo / Facebook

    According to Ercillo, the guy in white discreetly gave the guy in green some blue bills (Php1k). She’s not sure how many bills the guy in white gave the other guy, but she’s sure the money is in Php1,000 bills.

    As quickly and as quietly as he moved to the other lane to give the guy in green some money, the guy in white moved back to his queue as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, the guy in green hurried back to find something from the shelves – and went back to his cart bringing 2 packs of milk!

    “Maraming salamat po, pandagdag sa gatas ni baby,” the guy in green told the generous shopper in white.

    Kind man secretly gives money to another shopper
    Photo credit: Marianne Ercillo / Facebook

    Ercillo was so happy to witness the beautiful moment. So, she snapped some photos to share on social media. The photos would quickly go viral, with many people thanking the guy in white for the gesture and praying for more blessings to come his way even as they also prayed for the guy in green and the rest of the people affected by this crisis.

    “Kay sir na naka white, mabuhay po kayo! May God bless you more! Indeed, angels are among us. Kay manong na naka dark green, kapit lang po.🤗🙏🏼❤” Ercillo wrote.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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