GrabFood rider donates unclaimed order from bogus buyer to frontliners

    MANILA, Philippines – He spent Php1,200+ to pay for a customer’s order from food outlet Army Navy, but when it turned out to be a bogus buyer, the GrabFood rider decided to donate the boxes of chicken to some frontliners.
    GrabFood rider donates unclaimed order from bogus buyer to frontliners

    Identified as Jose Munoz, the Grab rider was trying to look for the address of the person who ordered the items when he saw Jobert Quiambao and asked for directions. Quiambao readily helped the rider, pointing him to the right direction. At the time, he was on duty with the Emergency Response Team at Southside Fire and Rescue in Makati.

    GrabFood rider donates unclaimed order from bogus buyer to frontliners

    Quiambao thought nothing about the rider until he saw him some 2 hours later, still trying to find the customer’s house! Munoz told Quiambao that no one at the apartment/residential building knew this person though the bogus customer’s name was not posted. Of course, doing so would probably be useless since the person might have used a fake name.

    Taking pity on the rider, Quiambao offered to just pay for the food. But upon learning that it was worth Php1,200+, Quiambao said he can’t afford to pay for the items but went inside to tell the rest of the fire and rescue team.

    Everyone agreed to contribute some money to help the rider, but the latter was surprised when he followed Quiambao and saw the others in his team.

    “Mga frontliners po ba kayo?” he asked in surprise.

    When they confirmed that, Munoz put the plastic bags on the table and told them the food was theirs, for free. He added that he had planned to bring the food home, anyway, but he and his wife can’t eat all that amount of chicken.

    Quiambao informed him that they had actually contributed to pay for the chicken but the rider now refuses to accept the money after learning they are frontliners. No matter how hard they insisted, Munoz wouldn’t accept the cash.

    So, they ended up giving him back some of the chicken and handing some relief goods. He agreed to have his picture taken but still wouldn’t get the money. For his actions, a lot of netizens sent donations to the rescue team to reward the rider for his kindness. Quiambao is now asking netizens to help them find Munoz so they can give him the donations from netizens…

    GrabFood rider donates unclaimed order from bogus buyer to frontliners

    GrabFood policy on unclaimed food

    Due to backlash from netizens regarding ‘canceled’ orders that trouble the riders, Grab reiterated that it has a reimbursement policy in place to protect the riders. In the past, the riders had to file a claim at their office, but this was further changed after another wave of backlash from netizens.

    “For context, rider-partners just need to show photos of the unclaimed food, order receipt, and the GrabChat exchanges,” the company assured.

    “We continue to be on the lookout and curb irresponsible behavior from customers on the GrabFood platform. Customers who do not claim their orders will of course have to face corresponding penalties.”

    (Image credits: Jobert Quiambao / Facebook)

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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