Angel Locsin shares story of how her career started with unexpected discovery

MANILA, Philippines – Angel Locsin is one of the most popular stars of this generation. But did you know how her career began?
Angel Locsin story

Unlike many young stars who began their careers after joining reality TV shows, reality TV singing contests, and artist workshops, Angel was among those who were unexpectedly discovered by talent scouts while doing something rather ordinary.

In an episode of “Magandang Buhay”, a talk show on ABS-CBN, Angel shared her surprising discovery story with ‘Momshies’ Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros, and Jolina Magdangal.

Angel Locsin story
Photo credits: Magandang Buhay / YouTube

According to Angel, she was at the mall with her best friend, doing some grocery shopping when something unexpected happened. A guy lining up at a lotto outlet caught her attention for some reason, but she ignored him.

But as she and her best friend continued walking, the guy began to follow them and tried to talk to her. Out of fear, Angel ran as fast as she could, but the grocery bag got torn and her items were scattered on the floor! The guy was easily able to catch up.

It turned out her fears were unfounded because he was a talent scout and thought she would make a great model for a commercial. He gave her a calling card and invited her to become a model. Angel admitted that she immediately asked him how much she would earn for the commercial as she really wanted to help her family earn some money.

Angel said that she did not expect that it would be the start of a career that would bring her to fame. All she wanted at the time was to earn some extra cash. Her father had been hesitant about letting her join showbiz, particularly because she would not tell him what’s happening during the talent workshops as the aspiring stars were told to keep everything a secret.

She was supposed to be part of ABS-CBN's Star Circle Batch 9 but her dad strongly opposed to the idea; thus, she was unable to sign the contract. But Angel persisted. Later on, her dad relented and finally let her sign a contract with GMA Artist Center. She first appeared on “Click”, a teen-oriented series.

Angel’s big break came when she starred in “Mulawin”, playing as one of the two main protagonists, Alwina. She went on to star in many TV series but would best be known in her portrayal of “Darna”. Even to this day, fans refer to her as “Darna”, despite the TV series being aired in 2005.

Angel Locsin as Darna in GMA Network.
Angel Locsin as Darna in GMA Network. Photo Credit: IMDb

Today, Angel has retained her popularity among the Filipino viewing public, not just for her roles in TV series she stars in but especially for her humanitarian efforts as she donates millions of pesos for charitable causes.

Angel Locsin relief efforts
Photo credits: Angel Locsin / Facebook

Angel Locsin relief efforts
Photo credits: Angel Locsin / Facebook

But unlike most stars, Angel actually buys, packs, and distributes the relief goods and gifts to the people in need, even if that meant traveling across the country and visiting calamity-stricken areas! This led Angel to be called as a real angel on Earth by many netizens. And they were happy that this angel was discovered while she was doing grocery shopping with her best friend!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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