Doctor couple in Cebu both die from COVID-19

MANILA, Philippines – A family is grieving over the loss of both parents to COVID-19, oncologist Dr. Dennis Ramon Momongan Tudtud and his pathologist wife, Dr. Helen Evangelista Tudtud. The doctor couple from Cebu City both tested positive to the deadly coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
Doctor couple in Cebu both die from COVID-19

Even as their son expressed his utter devastation over the loss of both his parents, the medical community is also grieving after losing two brilliant doctors.

Dr. Helen Tudtud, 66, succumbed to the disease late Friday evening on March 27. Her son, Dennis Thomas Tudtud, confirmed her death in a heartbreaking Facebook post that honored his mom. He lamented the many fake news that circulated about Dr. Helen and their family.

Doctor couple in Cebu both die from COVID-19
Photo credit: Dennis Thomas Tudtud / Facebook

“Mommy Helen has gone now and my heart is breaking. She was admitted March 17. I was still able to have video calls with her on March 18 to 21. On March 21, her condition deteriorated but she was fighting to stay alive. On March 23, her vital signs began to stabilize. She was fighting. It was only today that Mommy Helen took a different turn,” Dennis Thomas wrote.

“But even before my mom passed away, rumors were already circulating that my mom has died, as early as March 18!! Some heartless people even posted it all over social media. My mother was still fighting to stay alive but people were already killing her! Do you know how painful it is to have both parents admitted and both in serious and guarded condition and yet you hear news saying that our mother has already died, when she is still holding on and fighting to stay alive?”

As her condition deteriorated, Dr. Helen asked the nurses to call her husband to tell him about her worsening condition. But they didn’t want to tell her that this is not possible because Dr. Dennis was actually downstairs, ready for admission.

Sadly, she died on March 27 at Perpetual Succor Hospital.

Her children were still having a hard time coping with her death when they learned that their dad also died just days later.

“Our Daddy Dennis has joined Mommy Helen. My sister and I are in deep sorrow that God had to take both of them but I take comfort that they are happy together in their journey to paradise,” Dennis Thomas posted on March 31.

Doctor couple in Cebu both die from COVID-19
Photo credit: Dennis Thomas Tudtud / Facebook

“Today is my birthday. It pains me that both my parents are no longer here. I cannot bring them back to life but I can celebrate their lives.


Please remember my parents, Doctor Dennis Ramon Momongan Tudtud and Doctor Helen Evangelista Tudtud. Please include them in your prayers as they journey together to heaven. Please also pray for those who are still fighting this battle. My parents may have lost but the Lord won two angels.

My sister and I may never understand why God had to take them both. There are so many questions with no answers. We have a flood of tears. I also ask for your prayers of strength and of acceptance.

Daddy and Mommy, please watch over us from heaven.”

Condolence to the family of these wonderful doctors.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express


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