Kids set fire to sleeping vendor's balloons, leads to burns on his body

MANILA, Philippines – Kids in Pandacan, Manila set fire to a sleeping vendor’s balloons, leading to burns on his body. But what angered netizens more is that it appears that they were just doing it for fun!

In a video posted by Alessandra Trinidad on Facebook taken from CCTV footage on that spot in Zamora Street in Pandacan, Manila, a group of kids could be seen standing at the stairs.

At first, it seems that they were just hanging out and talking. But it turned out that they were planning on doing something to the balloons displayed at the side. What many did not know is that there was actually a man sleeping beneath the balloons!

The tired vendor had tied the balloons to his wrist as he slept at that spot. But the kids hanging out at the stairs thought it would be fun to set fire to his balloons.

Some moments later, one of the kids threw something towards the balloons and everyone ran away. It seems like nothing is happening. If you look closely, though, the Strawberry Shortcake balloon is already on fire. Seconds later, the fire grew bigger and it quickly spread towards the other balloons as the gases inside burst out.

As the balloons burned, though, the vendor suddenly leapt up from the spot where he was sleeping. It surprised the viewers that there is a man underneath the balloons. The burnt, melted balloons could be seen on the ground, still tied to the string on the man’s wrist as the puzzled vendor wondered what happened.

Sadly, the fire led to burns on many parts of his body and the poor vendor lost everything.

The video went viral, with many people commenting that these kids should be put to jail over their actions. Watch the CCTV footage here:

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— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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