Video allegedly showing James Reid cheating with Issa Pressman behind Nadine's back surfaces online

MANILA, Philippines – JaDine fans are abuzz after a video allegedly showing James Reid cheating with visual artist Issa Pressman behind Nadine Lustre's back surfaces online.
Video allegedly showing James Reid cheating with Issa Pressman

JaDine no more
JaDine no more | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Nadine Lustre

Following the break up announcement of James and Nadine, many of their fans are trying to put the puzzle together on why the power couple separated. Among those being pointed at the rumored romance between James and Issa. While many are aware that James and Issa are good friends and belong to the same circle, many hawk-eyed fans were able to find videos allegedly showing there could be more than friendship between them.


Issa Pressman is being linked to James Reid
Issa Pressman is being linked to James Reid | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Issa Pressman

On Twitter, netizen Tea Party @teaandsnakes1 posted a thread allegedly showing James share a kiss with Issa behind Nadine's back while at a party last December.

It also didn't help when a blind item sharing that an actor was cheating with his then girlfriend with their close friend was confirmed by a popular entertainment website to be JaDine.

According to the rumored story, a close friend of JaDine was falling hard for the actor. She would find ways to be near him and even followed him to an out-of-town promo when she found out his girlfriend won't be around. Another person was allegedly involved in the story, a close relative of the friend was rumored to be very supportive and found "conniving ways" to make the friend and the actor be close.

Another netizen also shared an account of allegedly seeing James and Issa at a bar back in December being really close.

For now, all these rumors remain to be speculations until JaDine chooses to clarify and make another statement. Jadine, James and Issa continue to be top trending topics on Twitter Tuesday as the fans go on a tirade about the failed romance of their favorite power couple.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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