Pinay teacher builds school in UAE to help shape future leaders

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipina teacher from Laguna has built a school in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the hopes to help shape future leaders.

Teacher Marjorie Nazaret is helping shape future leaders
Teacher Marjorie Nazaret is helping shape future leaders | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Al Alfiah Filipino Private School (AFPS)

Marjorie Nazaret showed that with dedication and determination Filipinos can truly excel abroad. She is now the principal and co-founder of Al Alfiah Filipino Private School (AFPS) in UAE.

Nazaret's rise to the top began way back when she was a teacher in the Laguna. She taught at the Jesus the Risen Savior School, Pedro E. Diaz High School, and Muntinlupa National High School as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher.

She started imparting her skills to students overseas when she began teaching at New Filipino Private School (NFPS) in Sharjah, UAE. Realizing she could contribute more to the Filipino community, Nazaret decided to open her own school, Al Alfiah Filipino Private School (AFPS).

Filipino students in UAE
Filipino students in UAE | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Al Alfiah Filipino Private School (AFPS)

Nazaret explained that her secret to running a successful school is finding the balance between several perspectives: as a parent, an educator, an employer, and as an established organization.

Nazaret added that running a school is "never a walk in the park." The educator admitted that while there were many failures and challenges, she remains motivated in her goal to bring education to more students.

"Through these kinds of experiences, I cultivate a culture that celebrates failure. A culture that looks at failure as if it is an opportunity to transcend oneself," she said.

Nazaret said she had worked hard at providing high quality education at par with international school standards yet still at an affordable price for Filipino families. She said, "I have struck the balance between quality high-tech education and affordability.”

She also reminded her fellow educators to remain steadfast in their dedication to provide quality education. Nazaret said that since the learners of today will become the leaders of tomorrow, it was important to equip them with the right skills and knowledge.

The inspiring educator told her fellow educators, "We should deliver the needed skills they must learn, and understand who they are and what they need. We should also learn to sincerely care for them, always stand by their side and take time to be with them."

"Lastly, we should inspire the youth and open our minds to the possibility of making an impact to all the lives of younger generation and never ever give up on them," she added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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