Salary increase for public school teachers draws mixed reactions

MANILA, Philippines – After President Rodrigo Duterte recently signed a law granting the pay hike of government workers, it has drawn mixed reactions from various groups and individuals.
Salary increase for public school teachers draws mixed reactions

The new Salary Standardization Law (SSL) grants salary increase of government employees, including teachers and nurses, starting January 1, 2020.

Under the new SSL, there will be four tranches of salary increase every January starting 2020 until 2023. According to Sen. Juan Edgardo ‘Sonny’ Angara, chair of the Senate finance committee, among those who will benefit with the biggest increase are "mid level government workers, such as entry-level teachers, accountants, agriculturists, and many others.

An entry-level teacher with a salary of P20,754 under salary grade 11, will now start receiving a monthly pay of P22,316 or an increase of P1,562 this 2020. From 2021 to 2023, the entry-level teacher's salary will increase to P23,877, P25,439 and P27,000, respectively.


Teacher II 11 20,754 22,316 23,877 25,439 27,000
Teacher II 12 22,938 24,495 26,052 27,608 29,165
Teacher III 13 25,232 26,754 28,276 29,798 31,320
Master Teacher I 18 40,637 42,159 43,681 45,203 46,725
Master Teacher II 19 45,269 46,791 48,313 49,835 51,357
Master Teacher III 20 51,115 52,703 54,251 55,799 57,347
Master Teacher IV 21 57,805 59,353 60,901 62,449 63,997

"Not enough"

While the Department of Education (DepEd) welcomed this development, several teachers groups have lamented that the increase is not enough.

Raymond Basilio, secretary-general of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) called the increase "disappointing." He said, "President Duterte disappointingly has nothing to show for all his big talk patronizing teachers and honoring his mother."

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) also aired their frustration and said the President should have opted to approve the SSL 5 submitted by the Congress.

Benjo Basa, TDC chair said, "This is far less than we expected. He promised a P10,000 hike over and above the SSL when he ran for office in 2015, and we waited for three years."

"Added motivation"

Meanwhile, DepEd Undersecretary for Finance Service and Education Programs Delivery Unit Annalyn Sevilla said the agency welcomes salary increase for its 900,000 public school teachers nationwide.

Sevilla admitted they have yet to receive an official copy of the SSL5 but said the salary increase will really help their teachers.

“This is an added motivation for almost a million personnel of the Department,” Sevilla said.

Teachers react online

Teachers took their reactions to the news online. While many complained, there were also who took the salary increase positively.

Netizen M. Baba wrote, "Salamat at nakakatulong ito sa amin. Thank you God."

Netizen A. Madet also said, "Layo na din agwat natin sa nurses by the end of 2023."

Netizen S. Torres suggested, "Mas mafi-feel ang tubo kung isang bigayan pero naka- tranche parang wala parin. Sana ginaya sa mga pulis sundalo at nurses isang bigayan. Kawawa ang mga teacher tina- tranche pa nila pagbibigay."

Another netizen F. Cabaño said, "Saklap naman. Kakarampot na increase pero salamat na rin. Sana binigay na lahat para mas malaking tulong sa atin. Lesson to learn, ‘wag maniwala sa pangako."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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