PH bet Gazini Ganados is Missosology's top pick for Miss Universe 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados was named the "top pick" to win the Miss Universe 2019, according to Missosology.

Gazini Ganados is crowned by her predecessor Catriona Gray
Gazini Ganados is crowned by her predecessor Catriona Gray, who is also the reigning Miss Universe | Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

Missosology, the largest group of beauty pageant enthusiasts has named our very own Gazini to be their best bet who will bring home the coveted Miss Universe crown.


Just days before the coronation night of Miss Universe, Missosology released their third and final batch of "Hot Picks." Gazini was followed by Gabriela Tafur Nader, the 24-year-old lawyer from Colombia who was described as "Gazini's fiercest rival as of the moment."

PH bet Gazini Ganados is Missosology's top pick for Miss Universe 2019
Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados is Missosology's top bet for Miss Universe 2019 | Photo Courtesy: Missosology

According to Missosology, Gazini's popularity is "soaring high" among pageant enthusiasts. They also mentioned how Gazini seems determined to get a back-to-back win for the Philippines.

"Although the pressure is very evident to produce a rare back-to-back feat for her pageant crazy country, Gazini seems unfazed," Missosology stated.

They continued sharing how Gazini seems to be taking the pageant with grace and is focused on winning the crown.

"It seems like she is taking everything one day at a time, and is always enjoying the moment, However, once the competition mood is switched on, she is simply unstoppable," Missosology described the Fil-Palestinian beauty queen.

The pageant aficionados also praised Gazini for her looks calling her as "one of the most facially beautiful Miss Universe Philippines that we have ever seen."

In Missosology's first batch of "Hot Picks," Gazini was ranked number 5 with Thailand's bet Paweensuda Drouin at number 1. In their second batch, Gazini got lost from the top 10 and was down to top 16.

Is a back-to-back win possible?

Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart is not knocking off the possibility of a back-to-back title for the Philippines, pointing out that the feat has once happened in the pageant’s history. It was in 2009 when Venezuela won the crown two years in a row.

Philippines is among the victorious in Miss Universe' 68-year history having 4 crowns just behind Puerto Rico with 5 and Venezuela at 7.

Miss Universe 2019 coronation night will be on December 8 in Atlanta, Georgia, but will be aired live via broadcast on December 9, 8 a.m. Manila time on ABS-CBN.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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