Ryza Cenon now 'engaged' to herself

    MANILA, Philippines – Actress Ryza Cenon just announced she's now "engaged" to herself and even showed off her fancy engagement ring.

    Ryza Cenon is now "engaged"
    Ryza Cenon is now "engaged" | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Ryza Cenon

    There is really a growing number of women who are choosing to love themselves than go out to find a partner. Instead of being called "single ladies," Emma Watson coined the term "self-partnered" to assert that they are perfectly content with having themselves as their "partners."

    Following Emma, Ryza Cenon has joined in on the term and decided to be "engaged" with herself. On Instagram, the actress showed off her engagement ring and said she has chosen to love herself.

    She wrote, "I say YES! To give my full commitment to love myself more before I give myself to another person."

    Ryza's custom ring costs P16,250
    Ryza's custom ring costs P16,250 | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Ryza Cenon

    But Ryza clarified she isn't closing her doors on love but is only choosing to love herself until the right one comes.

    She added, "When the right one comes, I’ll transfer this ring to my other hand and accept the right one to the perfect hand. I’m engaged with myself."

    Ryza's engagement ring is a crescent ring paired with a bezel ring that has a 0.1 carat diamond and a name tag bearing the letters R-Y-Z-A. The bezel ring with tag was customized by Unlimited Bezels for PHP16,250.

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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