Proud father shows off children’s report cards, displays it inside his tricycle

    MANILA, Philippines – A proud father showed off his children's report card by displaying it inside his tricycle.

    On Facebook, netizen Ariel Centineo Lalisan shared what he saw while riding a tricycle in Koronadal, South Cotabato. While many drivers usually decorate their trikes with stickers or little toys, a driver decided to go for the best one, and displayed his children’s achievements.
    A driver proudly showed off his children’s report card

    A driver proudly showed off his children’s report card
    A driver proudly showed off his children’s report cards | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Ariel Centineo Lalisan

    Lalisan wrote, “Saw this while riding a tricycle in Koronadal -- hanging on the dashboard of a proud father's tricycle are laminated photocopies of his children's report cards. This makes you wanna say, #SanaAllFathersProud.”

    Two laminated reports cards can be seen tied by a red ribbon for all the passengers to see. One card showed that the pupil’s grades were all above 90 or a rating of Outstanding. The father was indeed proud of how his children studied and worked hard for their good grades.

    Lalisan felt nostalgic upon seeing the proud father’s grand gesture of love. He suddenly remembered how his late father would also boast about him to his friends.

    He said, “I am reminded of my late father who had always been proud of me. When I was in grade school, every March of each year, inside the public jeepney on our way to "Diangas," he would proudly tell his friends that he was going to buy new clothes for me because I finished the school year as an honor student.”

    Lalisan, who is now an educator gave a reminder to parents to always be appreciative of their children’s achievement. No matter how big or small, parents should show or say how proud they are of them. He said, “I think it is important that kids feel that their parents are proud of them or happy for their achievements. A few words or acts of appreciation will go a long way in rearing a confident child.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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