Lawmaker seeks to extend workers' probationary period up to 2 years

MANILA, Philippines – A lawmaker is seeking to extend the probationary period of workers from 6 months up to 2 years.
Lawmaker seeks to extend workers' probationary period up to 2 years

Ang Probinsyano party-list Rep. Jose “Bonito” Singson Jr. filed House Bill 4802 saying that the current 6 months probationary period is not enough for employers to determine if the worker is suitable for the job.

"A period of six months under the present set up is not sufficient period in order for the employer to determine if the probationary employee is qualified for regular employment, especially in positions which require specialized skills and talents,” he said.

Singson said that many employers often suffer from workers who are unqualified for the job because they are forced to automatically regularize the worker.

He stated, "Employers are left with no recourse but to end the probationary employment even when they are still in the process of evaluating the probationary employee to avoid the automatic regularization of an unqualified employee in their workforce."

Singson also added that the longer probationary period will also give the worker time to ponder if he/she really wants to be part of the company. He said it's a "win-win" solution for both parties.

Singson said, "This is needed in order for the employee to familiarize themselves with the nature and the standards of the company they wish to become a permanent part of."

"Employers, on the other hand, would make use of this trial period to observe the probationary employee’s work ethics, fitness, and efficiency in order to determine if such probationary employees are qualified for regular employment," he added.

The lawmaker said the measure will help create better job security to probationary employees, because it will give them ample time to learn if the company has unfavorable practices he/she doesn't agree with.

Meanwhile, the clamor to end "endo" continues after President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the "Security of Tenure" bill last July. He said the measure supposedly destroys “balance” between companies and workers.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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