McDonald’s Dumaguete retracts ‘study ban’ after facing backlash from netizens

MANILA, Philippines – Last week, social media was abuzz over the decision of McDonald’s Dumaguete to ban students from studying in their premises. After receiving backlash from netizens, the fastfood outlet retracted the ‘study ban’, welcoming everyone to enjoy their food and facilities anytime of the day.
McDonald’s Dumaguete retracts ‘study ban’ after facing backlash from netizens

“Everybody is welcome at McDonald’s. We would like to apologize for the advisory posted. This was a lapse in judgment in communication and does not in any way reflect company policy and values,” the new sign read.

“Rest assured that due action is being taken. Thank you.”

McDonald’s Dumaguete retracts ‘study ban’ after facing backlash from netizens
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Known as the “University Town” for the presence of several colleges and universities in this small city, Dumaguete is considered by many as a sleepy town filled with many students. This student population often congregate at the 24-hour fastfood outlets in the city, for lack of available places to study that’s open even at dawn.

Study ban at McDonald’s

Facing a shortage of tables and chairs due to the influx of students spending hours studying inside the store, one of the McDonald’s outlets in Dumaguete decided to impose a study ban.

“We are pleased to request you not to study on our premises. This establishment is intended for everyone who likes to dine-in and enjoys our services and delicious foods that McDonald’s can offer. Thank you,” the management posted.

McDonald’s Dumaguete retracts ‘study ban’ after facing backlash from netizens
Photo credit: Ian Rosales Casocot / Twitter

This was met with displeasure by the local community, particularly writer and literature professor Ian Rosales Casocot. He wrote on Twitter:

“In a university town? During the run-up to Finals Week? For an establishment that's open 24 hours? Where the only signs of life in the wee hours are students themselves? McDonald's is like that whiny girl who goes to the beach and complains about the sand. [Photo not mine]”

There were those who slammed Casocot for ‘whining’, saying that McDonald’s had all the right to impose the ban because they own the facility and a lot of students spend hours hogging the tables without ordering much. Many pointed out that McDonald’s is a fastfood outlet, not a library or public facility.

“Just because a corporation sets ‘rules’ doesn’t mean there should be silence. And it’s not just about corporate social responsibility, it’s also responsiveness to even make your market share better!” Casocot wrote in a follow up post on Facebook after his tweet went viral, reports InterAksyon.

“Of course, there should be a compromise somewhere. Let these students study—but tell them they have to order in proportion to their time of stay, to deserve their space. Don’t outright ban studying. I’m a teacher. I know the stress students go through to survive Finals Week.”

A lot of netizens pointed out that students should not expect business establishments like McDonald’s to provide them with a place to study, but this viral situation is also a wakeup call for the local government and the schools to provide the students with an alternative.

Still, it’s a good thing the study ban has been lifted.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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