Gatchalian: Teachers more capable of judging need for homework

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said that teachers are more capable of judging what and how much homework should be given to their students.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian
Senator Sherwin Gatchalian believes the teachers are more than capable to discern what and how much homework to assign to their students.

Gatchalian, who chairs the Senate committee on basic education, said that the proposal to ban homework will be "carefully studied."

He said that teachers are very much aware of how much homework would be enough to foster study habits as well as foster development.

In a statement, Gatchalian wrote, "I believe that our teachers are more than capable to discern what and how much homework to assign to their students to encourage good study habits and foster intellectual development."

The senator said they are not completely rejecting the proposal but it will need careful evaluation. Gatchalian said it is important to find a more efficient strategy that will result in better learner outcomes.

Gatchalian also admitted their committee is currently focused on concerns such as to "ensure that the K-12 curriculum is up-to-date, responsive to the demands of the current job market, and calibrated to address job mismatch and underemployment."

Several measures have been proposed to restrict the giving of homework to students. The main reasons are to help encourage the learner to enjoy other non-academic activities and practice a more holistic development.

Senator Grace Poe filed Senate Bill No. 966 that bans the giving of homework on weekends to primary and secondary school children. The proposal also seeks to prohibit the giving of "long assignments" that require at least 4 hours to finish.

House Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero's House Bill No. 3611 is also quite similar to Poe's proposal. It also seeks no homework during weekends and asks schools to install lockers to stop students from bringing home their books.

Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas' House Bill Number 3883 has also filed a similar bill.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education has expressed their support to the proposal to ban homework during weekends. Education secretary Leonor Briones said they will issue a guideline as soon as the measure is approved.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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