Celebrate every child's 'Amazing Possibles'

MANILA, Philippines – For every parent, nothing can be more rewarding than seeing a child reach a milestone. Whether it’s watching your child take his first unassisted step, or seeing him tie his shoelaces independently, the joy that parents feel in their hearts for each amazing possible is incomparable.
Celebrate every child's "Amazing Possibles"
NANKID's wonder child Scarlet Snow Belo.

To celebrate these everyday milestones of parents, Nestlé NANKID kicked-off their newest global brand relaunch campaign called Amazing Possibles.

The campaign was brought to life through The Museum of Amazing Possibles held at the Yuchengco Museum, Makati City. It featured 19 Amazing Possibles stories of real parents and individuals who continue to strive to nourish every possible for the children of this generation.

Celebrate every child's "Amazing Possibles"

Among the personalities featured are influential moms -- Cat Arambulo, Joy Sotto, and Nicole Hernandez. The gallery also presented different narratives from health care professionals, and individuals with invaluable advocacy on unlocking every child’s potential.

Guests experienced a night of art and awe as they discovered every child’s surprising possibles and how Nestlé NANKID continues to thrive to become the best partner for every parent who wants only the best for their child, now and in the future.

Attendees of the gala were taken on a journey to discovering amazing possibles through the four exhibits inside the museum.

Throughout the years, Nestlé NANKID has remained a partner of parents all over the world in nourishing every child. This 2019, parents can look forward to the best from Nestlé NANKID as the brand continues to push to be frontiers of innovation in nutrition and continue to help parents prepare their children for all the possibles of tomorrow.

“We know the depth of emotions that parents experience as their child achieves every amazing possible, the astonishment, happiness, and fulfillment that parents experience has remained the same throughout the years, unchanged by shifting mindsets and beliefs," said Arlene Tan-Bantoto, Business Executive Officer for Nestlé Infant Nutrition.

Celebrate every child's "Amazing Possibles"

— The Summit Express

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